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  1. Kandiru

    Blind Scan

    Right on top Iceberg. I too being a newb was shocked to see this kind of stuff around the internet. I just learned that one of Dish's sats costs 250 mill greebackers to launch and maintain. This is a huge endeavor and it's future could be ruined by critters like that. Make sure you forward his...
  2. Kandiru

    Using single cable for Dish + FTA + Cable internet

    I know for sure that cable and OTA signals will cancel out because they are very close in frequency. I tried to combine the OTA antenna and cable inputs into my LG 3100A tuner (to get the music channels off cable) and had no luck at all.
  3. Kandiru

    Ready to start

    My system is forming up and would like to know more about my location. So far have not had much luck finding more than what i write below: What is my true south satellite for Marietta, Ohio? (39.415N, -81.455W) Thx
  4. Kandiru

    Experts help Traxis 4500 with Dish 1000

    Thank you Iceberg, at least i'll get the latest in space exploration, one of my favorites. It feels good to be part of your group. I'm learning a lot lately, kudos to you and your buddies.
  5. Kandiru

    Experts help Traxis 4500 with Dish 1000

    Hi: Total FTA newb here. I got a Dish 1000 that i am installing this week with an 811 strictly for HD(well or sort of, xxxxing E* slashing resolutions i hear) for $20/mo :) Now the tricky part. I have a Traxis 4500 FTA receiver. 1. What will i be getting by simply plugging that box...
  6. Kandiru

    Dish Network Free-to-Air Receiver of Handcuffs?

    What is wrong with this item. Seller claims it is a Dish receiver with FTA. I am a newb but am i right in thinking this the kind of unit that will land one in jail?