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    Hopper Upgrades

    Hi, I'd like a member to contact me about an upgrade on our account. Thanks Tom
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    722k Loosing all control

    To Answer the questions: Both TV1 and TV2 It Doesn't matter how long you wait; there's no menus or displays coming up. Changed the RF remote about two months ago because of an issue with a neighbor. Batteries were both replaced in January. We do have an Over the Air tuner module installed. I...
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    722k Loosing all control

    Couldn't find a thread on this, so excuse me if It's up somewhere else. Recently our 722k is dropping all control of the unit. Can't change the channel, dvr, menu, time shift, etc. disappear. It's like the unit goes into zombie mode. we have software version L750 Hard resetting (Unplugging...
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    On my 4th or 5th VIP622 replacement! I cry Uncle...

    Have a field tech out. I had to go through seven of them, and finally had a tech roll out dropped a new 722k in. Said that it's because the refrubs are getting worse as they get older.
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    Font changes on the 722k

    Did they recently change the font on the 722k? It just looks different. Like a more monospaced blah font rather than what was there. I've been doing a lot of reading and font work, so I don't know if it's me, or something changed. Thanks,
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    Slow Guide on 722K

    I've tried all of this, and no help. I've discovered that DVR events can trigger this. (going into a recording = sometimes slow, coming out of a recording = sometimes fixes) I'm on S/W version 6.80 It's driving my nuts, because unplugging the receiver is not really an option. Anyone have...
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    Sling + 722k + dual mode

    I've been digging through the forums for about 20 mins now searching without success. Can someone tell me if I'm correct or wrong here. Can i use a sling box on a 722k set to dual mode? Is it really as simple as plugging the composite into the sling and placing the ir blaster in front of the...
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    HD progaming in Miami Fl

    Up here in west palm, them migrated us to the Western Arc 110, 119 129 We get everything off of those three.
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    bypass hdd on a 622

    So our 622 has crapped out yet again. (This is the fourth one in five months) and it just reboots and reboots and reboots. anyone have any idea how to stop it so we can at least use the darn thing to watch tv until a new one arrives?
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    Appeals Court Finds Echostar in Contempt in TIVO Case

    I know we are so focused on how Charlie has been pushing this, but if you look at it from a different point of view, if only one judge had voted the other way, Dish would have one the appeal. And the dissenting opinion is an interesting read.
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    Harmony 880 Remote

    Have the 880 and the same thing with remote addresses. Plug it in, and you will need to "learn" from the new remote a few commands, and the software figures it out automatically. (we changed from default to IR 8) If that helps.
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    Statement from DISH - Not Getting the New HD?

    Got the problem solved today. Called yesterday, Ended up in tech support, and they understood quickly. $99 to fix. Asked if i could re-add DHPP, added it and $15.00 later, new WA dish installed. South florida WPB area and works great. Didn't loose locals when the rain hit tonight.
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    I know, not another one but Finally got the new Bill From Dish

    So I'm trying to figure out the billing thing. I've gotten the March Bill and I have a pretty straight forward package: AT 200, HBO + STARZ, 622 and 322, HD + Platinum Since Dish can't bill me the same amount for any month for the past year, It seems that I'm being charged $10.00 more a...
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    Cartoon Network HD Artifacts

    Does anyone else have issues with the HD Feed of Cartoon Network? the HD feed shows an image of King of the Hill right now with alot of video tearing and issues, then back to the feed. The SD Feed looks just fine. Anyone have ideas? We don't watch or Record king of the hill, but it is...
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    Grounding issues causing 622 failures?

    So we are now on our third receiver from Dish, and have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow AM , and wanted to check with the pros here to get their thoughts... Our original 622 quit working about a month ago. We had it for three years without a problem, and the HDD finally started to crap...
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    NFL Redzone Free this Sunday...

    It sold me on the package... Signed up right after they went off the air. Lots better than just watching your team loose all the time (Even though Miami Won yesterday)
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    622 - Yellow Screen

    Would love if someone in the know could tell us. Thins morning we had three colored screens: Yellow, Magenta, and Green on the Local NBC--where the uplink is at for dish. OTA was fine however. I wonder if it's a special thing so the guys at the uplink center can tell when there is a problem...
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    Anyone else HD quality going down?

    I'm wondering if it's something specific to the software update. I've seen the same "softening" going on, but it is something weird with key frames. I've even noticed it on OTA channels, which it def. should not be doing.
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    Praise the Lord! Another retrans agreement vanishes! (Also good news for Erie!)

    Thanks. Don't get the whole "twitter tracker" thing. Conan has taught me all I know.:)
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    Praise the Lord! Another retrans agreement vanishes! (Also good news for Erie!)

    How did you hear WPEC is in the agreement? I've just about given up on ever seeing that channel in HD down here....