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    D* installer pulled a fast one?

    I will say that running DirecTV through flat cables is not necessarily a good idea. Your typical flat jumper is unshielded, and while Dish is operating entirely above 950mhz, DirecTV's ka-lo signals are operating at 250-750mhz. If there is a strong uhf signal nearby, it is potentially possible...
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    New Install: Need 2, not 1 dish

    Ok, Sioux Falls definitely has their locals on 72.5, so you will have a 2 dish minimum setup. Following this link: it shows the picture of the 72.5 dish as an 18" round dish. That doesn't necessarily mean...
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    New Install: Need 2, not 1 dish

    As far as I'm aware 72.5 still uses an 18" round dish. The only thing that uses the 36" elliptical is 95, for world direct channels. Are you an international channel subscriber? The 36" dish can be used for both 95 and 101, which carry most channels, and if your locals are on 101 then you...
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    Need to vent -- installation bungle

    QFT. Place the blame where it is due. Regardless of the management situation in the contract companies, we can't install receivers we don't have, and can't get. Why the B&M stores have stock of receivers they won't send us, I don't know. I am at the bottom of the Totem Pole, but we are...
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    Hooking up a meter

    Ok, RHCP and LHCP stand for Right and Left Hand Circular Polarization. This is set by the voltage input from the meter to the dish. 13volts sets one polarity, and 18 volts the other. As others have said, just set it for 13v. To make more use of the available frequency spectrum from the...
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    Technician questions

    I typically make somewhere between 1000 and 1500 a week as an HSP subcontractor. If I really worked overtime and ignored any sort of quality in my work, and activated all my receivers with teh IVR ( this would cause customers problems) then I could probably make $2500.
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    Question for installers

    Sigh, the local HSP doesn't have POV techs, only COV techs and they are all hourly. They are not allowed to charge for custom work. I know this first hand. I was one of them briefly, and I know guys still working for them. I'm not just shoving it off on someone else who is going to charge...
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    Question for installers

    Yeah, I have upset customers. Our custom work rates are even lower than yours, but it doesn't matter the exact costs since it still isn't "free." If it is a job I don't feel like doing or the customer is particularly ugly I just tell them to reschedule with an HSP tech and that they may not...
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    Wow! and they say Dishnet installers are bad! YIKES!

    Don't be mad at the guy who actually comes to do your install. Not a bit of this has anything to do with him. I know you're frustrated, but he doesn't work for Directv, he doesn't handle scheduling, and he won't know anything about this mess until he gets to your house and hears your...
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    USB Port on D11 Reciever

    The usb port is there in case directv decides to do some of those things you're describing. Currently, it is useless. It does nothing except provide power (5v) over the usb bus. It can also be used for serial control of the receiver, but not for data transfer in any way.
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    Proper location for wall-mounting an AU9-S dish?

    Several of the dimensions you're requesting will be impossible to determine without an onsite evaluation. The direction of the wall you intend to mount to will determine the angle of the dish, and how much space you'll need between the eve and dish. Further the elevation of the satellites in...
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    Questions before dumping mediacom

    If you are intent on doing the install yourself then I'll try to help with a few of those points. AT9 vs AU9 slimline doesn't matter. Both dishes perform nearly identically and have the same function. wb68 will be required to pass low frequency satellite transmissions from D10 and D11, the...
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    R15 with OTA

    The ota port on the r15 is just a bypass, there is no active ota tuner on it. So no, no recording on an r15.
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    Install help... Tough one

    There is a good chance that the wires aren't properly terminated. If they're the crummy screw on type that many electricians use, make sure that the aluminum shield of the cable is in fact in contact with the connector. I've seen quite a few that put the connector on the rubber outer coating...
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    Adding Second Dish for 119

    You cannot combine a slimline with another dish for 119 reception. While technically it would be possible to do so right now, it would cause you problems in the long run. When the Slimline dish receives a 13/18v22khz tone signal it sends not only the 119 signal from the integrated...
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    Becoming Mastec Employee

    While I wasn't a Mastec employee, I have worked for a different Home Service Provider in the past and can echo the sentiments of the other guys in this thread. As a new guy you'll end up underpaid and overworked. My HSP paid $12/hour with everything provided including vehicle/gas and when I...
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    HOA! GRrrrrr

    I think you should dress the dish up as a flying pig. Thats natural right?
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    Blalck HR20-100

    The software for the 100 and 700 is identical from a users perspective. The only differences are under the hood. The only large difference is that the 100 is currently behind a few releases, running version 12a while the 700 is running 0145.
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    KA signal versus KU?

    Since the emphasis is on peaking 101 during setup, I'm sure it is possible that if your locals are on 119 you could have a weaker signal from that sat, while a strong signal on 101 would also likely mean a strong signal on 99. Did you ever get above 80% on 119? In any case, the ka signals...
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    hooking up coaxial cable for watching and recording at same time

    If it says searching for signal, then something is wrong. Waiting will not help unless it is raining :)