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    Lex Ky. HD Local Guide glitch on CBS 27

    I have that setup and have also been experiencing the same problem. It is interesting that it is not just me. Also, I have noticed that sometimes when I am tuned to 27 the feed is SD. When I click info twice, it says it is from 77 so I don't know about that either. I have not taken any steps...
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    Lexington Locals in HD

    Yeah, I'll bet that if you get the right CSR, you will have no problem getting it set up. My setup is a 1000.2 for 110, 119, and 129, and then the single dish for 77. From reading some of the other threads, it seems a lot of people are having trouble getting set up for 1000.4. It seems most...
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    Lexington Locals in HD

    I had a good experience. I live in South Lex. I only had to call Dish once and they set me up for last Sunday. They came out and installed a wing dish for 77. I wonder what they are talking about with a roll out, because they didn't mention one when I asked to get an install.
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    Anyone thats getting Lexington HD Locals

    Same here, I just got a wing dish installed on Sunday for 77. It's great to finally have an option other than OTA. I thought I wouldn't have LOS for 77 because of trees and power lines, but it was no problem.