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    Joey question

    I'm having the same issue, regardless of HD/SD. It will skip way ahead when I press the +/- 30 sec buttons. Or if I'm fast forwarding/rewinding and then press play at a particular point, it will randomly jump to another point in the recording. Very frustrating, it's happening on both of my Joeys.
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    4k Joey Problems After Exiting Netflix

    I've been running in problems with both of my 4k Joeys hanging or freezing after I exit Netflix, and immediately go in my DVR recordings. The joey will either get hung up in trying to load a DVR recording, and at times the joey will completely freeze causing me to reboot. After rebooting the...
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    4K Joey Freezing Up

    I'm starting to think it's maybe a Hopper hard drive issue (since it seems like the problem starts when I go into the DVR section, and because it happens with both my Joeys). The thing that gives me pause is that the problem does away after the Joey reboots. If it was a Hopper problem, why...
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    4K Joey Freezing Up

    Have the Hopper 3, and 2 4K Joeys. I've been having an issue with my two Joeys that started about a month ago. About once per day, in the evening when we turn the TV on for the first time on one of the Joeys, it will start to be very laggy, and many times the screen will freeze up altogether...
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    Hopper/Joey Upgrade Questions

    Thanks Mike, DM sent.
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    Hopper/Joey Upgrade Questions

    I have 2 original hoppers and 1 joey, installed 4 years ago. Looking to upgrade, as the equipment has gotten very glitchy and laggy. A few dumb questions: 1. From what I read, if I get the Hopper 3, I probably only need 1 Hopper and 2 Joeys. Is that correct? 2. Is there a cost for the Joey...
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    Do I need 2 HWS's?

    I currently have 2 Hoppers, one of them is used for watching/recording 90% of the time. I was thinking of upgrading to a HWS. I was thinking of only upgrading my secondary hopper, in order to preserve all recording and timers on my primary hopper. 2 questions related to this: 1. If I only...
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    HWS Upgrade Fee?

    I currently have a 2H/1J setup, with the original hoppers (no sling). My 2 year contract is about to expire. Is there a fee if I want to upgrade one of my hoppers to a HWS? Or is it free if I agree to a new 2 year contract? Or is it more subjective (i.e. depending on my customer status)...
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    Unused Joeys

    This might be a dumb question, sorry in advance. I currently have a 2H-3J setup. Current 2 of the joeys are not being used (due to old TVs breaking down). Given some life changes (kids), I don't anticipate getting new TVs with the need for the 2 joeys anytime soon. Can I simply call Dish and...
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    Free Epix Channels Promo

    Got a thing in the mail about getting Epix channels for free through March. It says I need to register online. Redeeming this promotion won't hurt me when I'm looking to upgrade, will it? I recall people having issues trying to upgrade to the Hopper if they had redeemed free movie credits...
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    Joey/Hopper Linking 101

    Just got this installed (2H/3J), so these might be silly questions: 1. One of my Joeys says it is linked to both hoppers. The other two are only linked to one of the Hoppers. I can change which hopper they are linked to, but can't link to both. Why is one of them linked to both Hoppers, and...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    Got my 2H/3J upgrade scheduled for Friday. One thing he said that I wasn't aware of - he said that any of the joeys call connect to either of the hoppers. Is that correct? I was thinking that the hoppers were independent, and that the joeys could only connect to one of the hoppers.
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    Hopper Upgrades

    I would also like to talk to a DIRT team member about hopper/joey setup options and cost. Can someone please pm me to talk about my options? Or can I just reach out to any of the DIRT team members? Thanks.