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    Transfer Timers

    Any way to transfer timers between receivers? I'm not worried about moving recordings to a new receiver (I tend to watch and not save), but I've been putting off getting one of my 622's replaced to fix the hdmi output because I don't want to spend the time remembering and recreating all the...
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    Losing my mind, can't get brand new TV working, help!

    Maybe this is too obvious, but can't you take the TV upstairs to the receiver and plug it straight in with a short piece of coax? That would at least tell you if it's a cabling problem or not.
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    Am I paying the right amount?

    Does DVR advantage show up differently for you on your bill, or does it say DIGITAL HOME ADVANTAGE?
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    Dish Won't Let Me "Move"

    Talk to technical support instead of account changes. The Tech support people will just solve your problem. The account change CSRs may give you crap like you got. I just went through the same thing and was given the same excuse. I just called up tech support instead and they fixed it with no...
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    Am I paying the right amount?

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    nba league pass

    More were in HD this year than last year, but not as many as they advertise on the NBA league pass site. I'd guess about 60% of the ones listed as HD were actually in HD on E* this last year.
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    Home theater projector and dish remote

    Have you tried the Panasonic remote codes at Tech Portal : (choose receiver model) : Remotes : 5.3 IR ? Or the scan feature?
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    Home theater projector and dish remote

    It might help to know which model remote, which model receiver you have, and especially what model projector you're trying to control. So lacking that, try the scan feature as described at Dish Network Remote Control Guide » (random link found via google that quotes the manual).
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    The Mtn. - any new info?

    To somewhat resurrect this thread, instead of starting yet another one, here's the two latest updates: 1. CSTV announces a week ago that they're going to turn into CBS College Sports Network, leading t speculation that since CSTV is one of The MTN's primary owners, popular MWC games will...
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    NBA League Pass - start early/end late

    The way the NBA league pass games are broadcast, nothing is sent to the receiver until the broadcast actually starts. The splash screen is just from the receiver software. Nothing is sent after the broadcast ends, either. When they first launched the channels, if you accidently recorded one...
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    NO HD or DVR in 3rd Room?

    One thing no one has addressed is that since your projector and main room tv are right near each other, you could easily use one HD-DVR for both of them as long as you don't mind watching the same thing on both at any given time. The way to do that is to hook up the HDMI output to one of them...
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    They told me everything was free!!

    On a somewhat related note, if a fast food place looks slow, order your fries with no salt. That'll force 'em to wait for a new batch that they haven't salted yet to come out of the fryer in order to fill your order. It may take an extra minute or two to get your fries, but they'll be hot and...
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    my e-mail from Dish about HD PQ

    At 52" you may not be able to tell a difference. At 100" on a 1080p projector, there is most certainly a noticeable difference. The difference is usually in more digital artifacts due to the extra compression on the bit starved channels.
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    Can I control the ViP-622 via IP?

    You'll need an RX9400 and the IR codes for your 622 remote and the remote channel you have the 622 set to. You can't talk to the 622 directly over the IP network because it isn't listening.
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    2nd RF remote

    Visit the tech portal remote guide and look on the bottom of page three. It shows the exact remotes that work with your receiver, which keys do what, etc...
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    Programming Off-Center

    Watch more CBS News and CNN? :) In all seriousness, this sounds like an adjustment you need to make on your TV. Try your TV manual, look for an online manual, or call the TV maker. You didn't specify the exact model, but it likely has options to both move the picture around and resize it. You...
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    Why do I need a landline?

    You can use VOIP (like freeworlddialup, etc...) that allows you to dial out to toll free numbers for free by having broadband and purchasing a VOIP analog phone adapter for $50-80. If you manage to get a 622/722, you can also connect those direct to ethernet and avoid the fee for them. If...
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    Versus HD question

    Also check out the DishDVR promotion, for which the channels upgrade and HD both count as "premium" services towards qualifying. Might make it less expensive for you to go that route.
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    TiVo HD hook-up??

    Why would you want to? Just get a 622/722 instead. That'll save you a ton of hassle in actual use.
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    External Storage Technical Investigation

    Mac OS X has a fairly standard FreeBSD userland by default. You can easily install most stuff from the FreeBSD ports tree, as long as you're planning on using it all from the command line. It also comes with a windowed terminal application, so it's not exactly difficult to gain access to the...