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  1. Maui

    Multi room viewing question

    I did a search and didn't find anything helpful. If you know of a thread please pm me.
  2. Maui

    Multi room viewing question

    What is the USB port for any way? It isn't even mentioned in the manual.
  3. Maui

    Multi room viewing question

    I have a DVR network setup and I'd like to be able view recorded programs on my other receivers. A little background info. I have four receivers set up, three of which are HD receivers. The media room has the DVR. I have one set up out in my shop, about 50 feet from the house with it's own dish...
  4. Maui

    HR2x / HR34 External Hard Drive FYI/Support (eSATA)

    I have a Maxtor 300 gig drive that I picked up a year or so ago. It only has usb jack. Can I buy an esata cord and adapter to use this as an external drive for DVR? My DVR does not have a usb jack.
  5. Maui

    Did I do something stupid? Read please...

    Charter is owned by ex Microsoft owner, Paul Allen, one of the richest men on earth. The guy has billions in cash but most of his companies go bankrupt. He also owns the Portland Trailblazers. His company that manages the Rose Garden stadium filed for protection a couple years ago and a bunch...
  6. Maui

    Pretty cool feature

    That is cool but the video on Hulu was real choppy.
  7. Maui

    DirecTV Release Q4 Earnings

    I've been a directv subscriber since day one an they get a lot more than $84 a month from me. Great service.
  8. Maui

    D*TV 1080p Update

    I watched the Hulk promo today so I guess my TV will play 1080p/24. Now I want some full length movies.
  9. Maui

    Directv 1080p support

    So, is there any actual 1080p programing? The receiver did a software download this morning and informed me that there would be 1080p programing. I went through the menu and found 1080p as a choice now and it accepted my samsung but where's the programming?
  10. Maui

    wireless ethernet adapter

    Is this a wireless connection? I can get the VOD working if I run an ethernet cable from my router to the receiver but I could not get it to work using a wireless usb adaptor. I need to go wireless because I lose range on the wireless if I set it up in the media room.
  11. Maui

    What HD channels are coming?

    I thought PBS was going to be included in the HD channels. What's the story?
  12. Maui

    Thanks Directv HD -CW in Portland OR

    CBS and OPB would sure be nice. I never watch CW.
  13. Maui

    Non HD receivers

    Sorry I'm not a sat tech. I have two H20 and three DRD425RH. 5 LNB Multi-sat. I have two dishes, one on the house which services the two HD receivers and two 425's and another dish on the shop that services a 425. This week two of the 425's had to be reset because I could not change to any three...
  14. Maui

    Non HD receivers

    I have had to reset my non-HD receivers every day this week. What's up with that?
  15. Maui

    Were You Grandfathered With The HD-Pack? If Not Time Has Ran Out

    I noticed last night that I wasn't getting about three of the new channels, Smithsonian and a couple others.
  16. Maui

    Another receiver bites the dust

    I've been with directv since they started and never had any problems until I went HD. I love the picture, but man can't they get their act together on this equipment? My first HD receiver in the bedroom lasted six months, the second one lasted two months. The HDVR in the theatre room went out...
  17. Maui

    Another receiver bites the dust

    I am going on my third receiver in less than one year now. This last one lasted two months. Why do they keep sending out these piece of sheet receivers? This is an H20. I'm considering going to comcast because they're offering a hell of a deal on cable/phone/internet. When the damn thing did...
  18. Maui

    OTA Antenna?

    The website says all I need is a small multi directional but I have one and I can't get squat with it, just some religious channel that I've never heard of. :(
  19. Maui

    Audio Issues

    I'm running an HD20 and getting some very wierd audio at times. Sometimes it sounds like the audio is coming out a tin can. Other times while surfing I'll lose all audio and I have click around the channel before it comes back. Never had this issue before the new channels came on line...
  20. Maui

    Why would D* only carry 3 of my locals in HD?

    I get ABC, NBC, and FOX in HD over Directv. For some reason CBS call letters KOIN is not available in HD niehter is my local PBS OPB.