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    US Open Channels 701-708 are missing

    Been a D* subscriber since '97 and for the first time I can remember for a major golf or tennis event, we're not getting the extra coverage in the 700s. The US Open this week typically has coverage for 5 additional courts the first week of the tournament but not this year. Can't believe it...
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    Cincinnati Reds games no longer available on FSN Tennessee / SportSouth

    Since I started this thread last year, I'll chime inhere. As a D* subscriber since 1996 and a Nashville, TN resident since 1999 andlifelong Reds fan, I can tell you for certain that up until 2008, I had tosubscribe to SportsPak to receive Reds games on FSN Cincy channel 661 here inMiddle TN...
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    External Hard Drive

    Santa brought me a 1 TB hard drive that I hooked up to my old HR 20 and can report that the receiver is working MUCH better now. Before you could hear the hard drive working in the receiver and it seemed to slow everything down. Now with the internal hard drive shut down, the receiver works...
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    Cincinnati Reds games no longer available on FSN Tennessee / SportSouth

    Update from Fox Sports Today I talked with someone at FSN who told me they received a communique from DirecTV earlier this week saying they were no longer mirroring Reds games on FSN TN / SportSouth or on FSN Indiana to save bandwidth and that those customers should turn to FSN Cincinnati...
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    Cincinnati Reds games no longer available on FSN Tennessee / SportSouth

    Correct and if I wanted to see ALL of the games broadcast by Fox Sports Ohio, I needed to subscribe to Sportspak but beginning 2 years ago, FSN TN and SportSouth began showing a subset of the broadcast schedule. Typically by June 1 all of the games broadcast by FSN Ohio were similcast on FSN TN...
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    Cincinnati Reds games no longer available on FSN Tennessee / SportSouth

    In Nashville and other parts of Middle Tennessee, we have been receiving Cincinnati Reds games as part of D* standard packages on channels 644 (-1) and 650 (-1) since 2009. Beginning Monday July 2nd, the guide no longer showed a listing for Reds games on those channels and checking again today...
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    Any news on CSN-Philly coming to DirecTV?

    Comcrap I used to do business with Comcast and they are without a doubt the most arrogant SOBs God ever put on the face of the earth. The pricing is strictly out of spite, that's just how they roll.
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    Poor Network Performance for Whole Home DVR

    whole home issues my issues were similar and the problem was coax connectors. I've had DTV service since '96 and since '99 at my current address. All of my cables had been replaced when I upgraded to HD a few years ago but I was still using a few of the cheap, gold coax connectors to splice...
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    New HD channels coming!

    WOW, talk about indignity! FS Ohio / Cincinnati is now the only RSN that is not full time HD. My Reds are in HD on the subchannel but come on!!
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    New copyright protection on HBO????

    I always understood that you lost a bit of resolution and added some distortion when using component cables by converting the signal to analog and then back to digital at the TV end. HDMI keeps it digital from end to end.
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    New copyright protection on HBO????

    First time I've seen this message when I tried tuning in to channel 509 today to watch "Independence Day" "Your TV does not support this program's content protection. Replacing the TV's HDMI cable with a component cable will allow you to view the program" What the hell?? I want to stay...
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    Best resolution setting for HD

    resolution I have a Sony Bravia 55" LCD and have my HR 21 locked on 720p. Just made that switch a couple of months ago and feel like the picture looks better, colors are richer. 1080i looked a little more grainy although I realize most networks native is 1080i. End of the day, beauty is in...
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    Where the #$^#^#$^% is TruTV HD???

    It's going to matter when the NCAA tournament rolls around next month. TruTV is part of the new TBS / CBS TV contract that the NCAA signed last year. My guess is that D* is going to have the dedicated channels 701-705 to cover the games in HD and you won't have to neccessarily tune to the...
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    Comcast-Universal Deal Approved - good for DirecTV subscribers

    This should mean that the remainder of the Comcast owned stations, such as CSS in the Southeast, are coming to D*. This is good news for SEC sports fans as CSS now carries a good number of games with the new ESPN deal signed last year. The Feds made Comcast agree to a whole slew of restrictions...
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    Sound Dropouts?

    Here's the scoop - audio dropouts occur when you have Dolby Digital activated and run HDMI to your TV and in turn, run sound from your TV to your receiver. The sound will drop out on both TV and receiver. If you either turn off Dolby Digital or run sound directly from D* receiver to your...
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    WTF Auburn vs Ole Miss Blacked Out???

    Didn't matter, game was an ass whoopin' anyway
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    Distant Networks In HD

    WOO HOO!! This is great news. I've had CBS and FOX DNS since '96, old time waiver that still gives me the feeds but was only able to get the HD waiver in 2001 for CBS and that only gave me the east coast feed. Just checked this morning and now have HD feeds east and west feeds for both...
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    NFL Red Zone Channel

    RedZone called in today and spoke to Retention, told them I no can do ST this year and they gave me RedZone for free. Gottaloveit!
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    Fox Sports Cincinnati showing Cardinals feed

    Here's the Reds schedule for TN - DAY DATE VS/AT OPPONENT TIME (ET) NETWORKMon 4/5 VS ST. LOUIS CARDINALS 1:00 PM FSTNFri 4/9 VS CHICAGO CUBS 7:00 PM SPSOTue 4/13 @ Florida Marlins 7:00 PM SPSOThu 4/15 @ Florida Marlins...
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    Unbelievable MLB Package Deal

    like the Pete photo Ramy. He needs to be in the Hall!!