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  1. mike770

    Universal Remote

    I have a Logitech Harmony Remote. It is great. It will control up to 25 devices. It will automatically switch to different input, shut down the DVR when watching a DVD, etc... You just hit the "Watch TV" button or the "Watch Movie" Button and the remote does the rest. You update it with...
  2. mike770

    Signal loss....

    I have had Directv since Feb. 2004 and I have lost signal twice. Both were during REALLY bad storms and only for a couple of minutes.
  3. mike770

    HELP with Signal Strength in New Rooftop Install

    You should have the installer come back to tweak the dish more. I have a phase 3 dish as well and I am getting high 80s to mid 90s across the board on all satellites. I also have a clear view to the sky. By the way it was raining here in NYC as well on Sunday during the Sopranos and no rain...