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    I have a 90cm dish in the backyard for FTA and was wondering,if I ordered Dish Network or Direct TV can I use this dish to get my programming? I would rather use this dish than to have another one bolted to the house is why I ask.
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    I have a SV(sonic view) right now and getting tired of the "UPDATE SW" message! I see that Pansat has a new 4500,is this a good one or is there a better and newer receiver? I looked for the Pansat on some of the advertizers on this site and didnt find one,any suggestions on where to buy the new...
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    Need a NEW reciever!

    Thanks guys for the advise! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!
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    Need a NEW reciever!

    I have currently a SV 360 Premier and getting sick and tired of chasing software updates for getting rid of the "PLEASE UPDATE SW" message! Any recommendations for a different reciever where I dont have to keep losing my channels with updates and waiting on updates and the such? As it is right...
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    Keep getting "UPDATE SW" on my SV 360 Premier?

    Today,Im getting the notice of "update SW" and then it locks the reciever where I cant change channels. I downloaded the latest SW version from the SV site and nothing..still get it...then I did a factory reset..lost all my channels...loaded the SW update again...and now the reciever wont find...
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    Any new channels?

    I have not been on here in a while,is there any good channels on Ku I might be missing?(tv shows,movies) Also,I have a Sonicview Premier reciever,what would it take to get C band on this or is it at all possible? Thanks!
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    Chiller Drive-in...Wasp Woman

    I watched the Wasp Woman..pretty funny...heheheheh. I can't believe those movies scared me at the drive ins in the 60's! It's like a car have to look! Keep them coming ,I love them!
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    Deep Horizon Oil Leak

    Yea..I have been watching the leak for a few days now and you can see up in the right hand corner of the screen 4932 ft...WOW. I do NOT see it getting anybetter,if anything it looks worse!:(
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    Any Mexican Channels

    I tried out the Galaxy 25 bird and came up with nothing. Anbody know if I can get Televisa or other Mexican station to watch soccer? Im using a 36in KU dish. Thanks!
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    I typed out a post yesterday thanking ALL the guys for helping me get going and it was on for about 3 hours and gone.
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    Sonicview 360 Premier?

    BEWARE OF SONICVEIW 360 PREMIER Mine has been acting up the last 2 days,EVERY time you try to change a channel, the box will lock up and says"update new SW"..I updated it with Sonicveiws newest software,shut of the power rebooted..same thing..I did a Google search and found HUNDREDS of people...
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    Why do my posts get deleted? I added one yesterday and today and both are gone.
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    Dish Elevation?

    HELP!!! I finally got my Galaxy 19 tuned in which is my True South satellite. Im getting 96 on the signal and 90 on the quality now. Im having trouble with getting to the AMC9 sateliite,my reciever does not have a satellite @83W which is AMC9 but it does have one @82W,which is AMC4,these 2...
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    Anybody getting RTV?

    I want to watch the old tv shows and have my system set for SR 4444 3/4 11735 and I dont get anything,anybody getting this satellite?
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    Sonicview 360 Premier?

    Anybody have any idea how I enter the coordinates of a new satellite in the menu? I can enter the name but not the postion (83w) I need this for my motor to find this sat.
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    Dish Elevation?

    UP AND RUNNING! If it wasn't for LAK7 and Delta_Charlie I would not be writing this today! They observed that my dish was pointed low but the scale on the dish said it was right,well I tought about it last night and googled some setups of other peoples WS 90cm dishes and I noticed my bracket on...
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    Dish Elevation?

    Im trying to figure if im pointing my dish in a proper way for elevation. I have a SG9120 motor and a WS 90cm dish bolted to my mount pole,in the manual it has a chart that says with my longitude(37.8) I should have an elevation angle of 53 and a declination angle of 5.897,it also states that I...
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    Dish Elevation?

    Well,after 5 hours of getting NOTHING,I came to the conclusion that I don't have the patients or desire to fiddle with this. I have shortwave radios,Ham radios,TV's,stereo's and NONE of which take 5 hours to get ANY kind of signal. I tried EVERY elevation,on the scale and then some of Galaxy...
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    Dish Elevation?

    Are you guys getting any stations today,maybe the satellites are down? Are you getting watchable channels on Galaxy 19 and if so whats the TP,SR?
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    Dish Elevation?

    Oh I see..yeah I changed it to 20000 h 3/ good.