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  1. Kandiru

    Dish is forcing banner ads on premium channels.

    Get a VUDU capable BD player, you will never look back, 1080p and DD+ sound, no more Dish xxxxola. I canceled service, got a Channelmaster 7000PAL Echostar based, even has same remote as Dish, OTA HD tuner/recorder, very happy.
  2. Kandiru

    Quick question on cancel my subscription

    Hi, I just canceled service yesterday, they waived my last bill, i called after bill arrived in mail. I had the ENTIRE HD LINEUP for $29 for many years until wife called one day wanting an analog channel, sure enough they deleted it and switched us to a basic package. Now they say "Oh...
  3. Kandiru

    No reception on 110 Dish 1000 Check Switch OK

    Jeff you may be right. I am getting a green signal around 32-strong on transponders 14 and 22 on 110, but none on the other transponders. A crazy afterthought, will the LNB assembly from a 1000.2 fit the 1000 dish ? Will it "werk" ?
  4. Kandiru

    Finally We Can Get HD Only Again

    I am sure this was discussed, but Dish made 3 HD only packages available, Essential for $10, Ultimate for $20, and DishHD for $29.99. I switched to DishHD, total $35/mo with DVR. My rationale is 110" 2 million pixel HD projection. SD just looks like xxxx on it, even with the Reon VX scaler...
  5. Kandiru

    No reception on 110 Dish 1000 Check Switch OK

    I have this problem, started about two months ago. My 110 channels are not showing, the VIP622 is going through the transponders and can't lock 7, 15 etc. where individual channels are located. When i go to the pointing screen i only get good signal on 110 transpoders 8 and 22. When i do a...
  6. Kandiru

    Can internet be used instead of a phone line?

    It is a total fiasco on my VIP622. Or more like a catdog :) HDPPV movies can be ordered via ethernet. OnDemmand movies CANNOT be ordered via ethernet. The monthly nonconnection fee still applies if you are only connected via ethernet. Thank you Unibrow-Shaved-Off-In-The-Middle HDLittle CEO...
  7. Kandiru

    Do I need a phone line connected?

    How more xxxxed up can it get? I can order HDPPV channels using the ethernet connection, but for On Demmand SD channels i need phone line. Well, i guess SD=analog=history=phone line, and HD=digital=future=ethernet/VOIP Screw Dish i am getting disgusted. All i have left is pray for...
  8. Kandiru

    Sea Launch failure last week may delay DirecTV HD plans

    I guess Charlie Ergen running at the right lower corner of the picture with the dextoxnatoxr (Carnie'll sniff me out if i said da word) in hand and grin from ear to ear may 'splain sumthn here :)
  9. Kandiru

    HDMI 2 Channel PCM Only Time To Grow

    Hi, Just want to let you know that if you just acquired your latest HDMI 1.1 or 1.2 receiver or pre/pro with multichannel PCM processing, you are in for a surprise. Only 2 channel downmixed 44kHz PCM over HDMI. Come on Charlie, update to 6 channel PCM and while at it add AAC encoding in...
  10. Kandiru

    Grounding The System Question

    I use a grounding block that simly grounds the outside layer or the RG6. I use compression connectors. The rod is hammered into the ground next to the Dish 1000 pole and a second copper wire comes from the Dish mount itself (also metal). Total overkill it stands inches from a 50 ft tall...
  11. Kandiru

    Laptop cooler for DVRs

    Mine started whirring too, i took it off ready to trash it, but on a second thought pressed gently over the center of both fan hubs until one gave out a click. It basically clicked into place on the shaft and voila, no more whirring Targus.
  12. Kandiru

    160 GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - My Book Essential Edition

    The new crop of Blu-Ray burning drives and Windows Vista's HD integration would make for a nice archival collection of HD movies. Of course, USB-HDCP may come to town too :)
  13. Kandiru

    How many of U have an DD 5.1 Audio System ? Please Vote Now

    Anthem D1 processor Sherbourn amplifier 5 monoblock channel biwired fronts Adcom amplifier 5 channel feeding the surround stage (7.2) Hsu Research VTF3 subs x2 Paradigm Reference Studio 100v2 and Studio CC, Athena dipole surrounds, Athena bookshelves for rears. Velodyne SMS-1 subwoofer...
  14. Kandiru

    Is Bose a ripoff?

    For those of us who are audiophiles, things like Frequency Range and Sensitivity (dB/watt/meter) are paramount when evaluating a speaker product. Now you tell what kind of self-respecting speaker manufacturer apart from Bose goes on to sell speakers WITHOUT PUBLISHING SPECIFICATIONS. Would you...
  15. Kandiru

    Yet Another Failed Install Attempt

    Same here, my local installer (still did it myself) told me after i visited the office not to make the mistake of calling the 1800 number or they'll send you a guy from out of town, possibly out of state too.
  16. Kandiru

    Help with best way to upgrade to HD programming?

    I personally use Dish solely for HD programming and kept basic cable. Need to call Tech Support to get the $29/mo deal on HD only, otherwise the Guptas will politely repeat you the mantra on packages until you can smell curry.
  17. Kandiru

    become a contractor

    Above all, nowhere during the interview should it transpire that your IQ may exceed 80% or they may reject you for fear of demoralizing the workforce. Now seriously, any contractor reading this forum should be a dedicated professional, i am sure that it is educational both ways. Much luck in...
  18. Kandiru

    Dish audit and VOIP

    I have Nuvio VOIP and the reverse DSL filter works. The VIP622 still has to dial out about 3-6 times before it succeeds, but it does it eventually. *99 worked very well with the 811 but this pxxa madxx of a 622 won't let you enter symbols. As for VOIP syntax and unlocked ATAs, no thank you i...
  19. Kandiru

    Sattlite Finder

    Nah, to get a sat finder that displays sat names you will shell out big time. Go to Wallie's and get the $42 Homeland security camera, a long run of composite cable, hook it up and tied the lil 6 in TV to your pole. Set the positioning screen on then climb to the pole and voila, you are locking...
  20. Kandiru

    Harmony Remote

    Check in the Harmony confguration utility and look at delays under the Device tab. If all else fails just delete the device and reload it, then reconfigure the Activity. Don't despair, short of somewhat long upload times, it is still the best remote out there. Make sure you download the...