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    Shaw Direct Lineup with G1 Channel Numbers
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    Additional Hockey on SD

    Not shown in IPG Shaw is putting Overflow games on 454 Classic (398 Advanced)
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    Anik G1 FAQ

    What is Anik G1? Anik G1 is a new multiband satellite to be co-located with Anik F1 and Anik F1R at 107.3 It will provide Extended Ku service to Canada (16 transponders all leased by Shaw Direct), C + Ku band service to South America + X Band service covering the Western Hemisphere. Footprints...
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    Shaw MPEG4 HD test

    253/337 (Classic/Advanced) National Geographical Wild You must have 6XX receiver plus nonstacked quad dish
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    Shaw Xku Triple LNBF FAQ

    What is the new XKU LNBF? This LNBF will be required to receive MPEG4 signals from Anik G1 scheduled to come online in late 2012. How is it installed? Undo leads from builtin multiswitch at dish. Unscrew existing LNBF. Attach new LNBF. Attach cables to builtin multiswitch (cable order not...
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    Nimiq 6 Footprint map released

    Telesat has released the map for N6 which will replace N1 @91 in 2012. As expected it is the same as N4 presently @ 82 So if you cannot receive signals now from 82, you will lose all Bell channels after N6 becomes operational
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    Anik G1 footprints
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    DSR600 $99.99

    Coming July 4 - no more SD receivers from Shaw The main features on this new receiver are: • Low cost - It’s never been easier to go HD with the new Essential HD receiver • Ultra low profile HD/SD satellite receiver. The HDDSR 600 is 10’’ x 5,75’’ x 1.5’’ and weighs a little...
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    Anik G1 footprints
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    More Shaw Media channels

    I wonder how long it will take other broadcasters in Canada to complain to the CRTC That Shaw Direct is favouring Shaw Media channels. First Global Montreal Coming Feb 1 - Global Maritimes + HGTV HD
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    SD to transition to MPEG4

    In CRTC hearings on Nov 16, Shaw Direct told the commission that it start launching new HD channels in MPEG4 in 2011. Expected to include Shaw Media digital channels including HGTV, Food, and Movietime. Bell told the commission that the cost is too high and they are nowhere ready to move to MPEG4.
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    Bell TV price increases

    Digital Extra package $6 increase Digital Max package $6 increase Movie Central/TMN/Superchannel up $2 each Setanta Sports up $2 Basic up $2 Theme packs increase up to $4 Applies to all Bell satellite customers with or without a contact
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    Olympic TV schedule - Shaw Direct
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    CTV Olympic Schedule

    CTV Media Site - CTV Olympics Shaw Direct will have V, RDS + RSI feeds ( HD + SD) in free preview for February
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    NHL CI Free Preview

    On Shaw Direct, Oct 2 to 24 Dusk (formerly Scream) free preview Sept 9 to Oct 13
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    AMC HD on SD

    Uplinked to Ch 281 as of Sept 1
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    SC - Golf HD

    Ch 266 - free preview until May 21 Will be part of Sports HD package, but SD version must be subscribed to as well
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    SC - Sportsnets SD moved to Essentials

    Get more sports with your Essentials package - Star Choice
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    SC to become Shaw Direct

    SC will be rebranded over the next year or so as "Shaw Direct".
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    SC dropping Buffalo + Fox Detroit

    See what happens when people keep phoning and using "Ask Jim" for more HD channels