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  1. BBCInc

    RedZone/Multi-Sport Package

    True, with each team getting a bye week. I concede this as well... lol
  2. BBCInc

    RedZone/Multi-Sport Package

    Ok, I concede, next year I'll ask for 3 months free!
  3. BBCInc

    RedZone/Multi-Sport Package

    Not if you want it for redzone, NFL season is 16 weeks.
  4. BBCInc

    RedZone/Multi-Sport Package

    Also just chatted. Once I upgraded from 120 to 120+ the agent said I qualified for 1/2 price Multisport for 6 months. So another season of NFL Redzone here I come...
  5. BBCInc

    What Happened To Commercial Skip ?

    3rd episode got Hopper. Not really interested in it anymore after reading reviews, though. Also my TiVo trial has taken a turn for the worse, populating multi episode lists has become tediously slow and the blue wait spinner is ever present. Also getting a so-called unexpected error all too...
  6. BBCInc

    What Happened To Commercial Skip ?

    Again no Hopper symbol on Hannibal for the second episode. Meanwhile my TiVo trial continues to impress. May soon be a former Dish customer!
  7. BBCInc

    Hopper with sling dead - Anything I can do?

    Seagate used to have the nickname Seizegate due to a inability to start spinning called "sticktion".
  8. BBCInc

    Hopper with sling dead - Anything I can do?

    Were you able to determine the model # of the WD drive?
  9. BBCInc

    What Happened To Commercial Skip ?

    I paid for AH, indirectly sure, but it along with PTAT and 3 tuners was what made me upgrade to the Hopper. And there's no rule that says it won't ever have a fee! What I find amazing is the lack of empathy for others who enjoy a feature that you don't find useful (calling someone lazy for not...
  10. BBCInc

    What Happened To Commercial Skip ?

    All the repetitious detailing of DIsh's superb business acumen in using AH to leverage power against the content providers doesn't explain how lackadaisical they are in implementing it for their customers. For instance, 3 days later and still no hopper icon on Season 3 ep 1 of Hannibal. No...
  11. BBCInc

    What Happened To Commercial Skip ?

    If you don't use it why would your opinion on it matter to me?
  12. BBCInc

    What Happened To Commercial Skip ?

    ...and implemented when?
  13. BBCInc

    Hannah and Her Horse

    Anybody else get reminded of the lady and the donkey scam in Mexico during at least one of those ads?
  14. BBCInc

    FCC might reject Dish's "small business" discounts from last auction

    A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking real money!
  15. BBCInc

    HWS outputting Audio Description on PTAT Chicago PD 4/22/15

    I've noticed the same anomaly on several episodes of Chicago Fire. Properly transmitting sound and handling anything more technical than straight low quality mono or stereo seems to be a very low priority on networks. Just close your eyes and enjoy the audio description...
  16. BBCInc

    Bad news for SIRIUSXM

    Ah, the Achilles heel of capitalism, trying to squeeze the last bit of blood from the turnip. Or just boorish behavior in the guise of self assumed cleverness?
  17. BBCInc

    Hopper Internal Replacement Drive List

    And so far the only drive on that list for the Hopper is the aforementioned ST2000VM003. What would be cool would be for Dish to implement some sort of mirrored RAID design so the MTBF could be staggered over multiple drives. With the 3TB Hopper drive, lots of recordings are at risk during a HD...
  18. BBCInc

    Hopper with Sling Softwave Version S520 Update is Here

    That would be GREAT news!
  19. BBCInc

    DIRECTV Told to Yank Ads Featuring Rob Lowe After Comcast Complaints

    Who told them to pull? My wife liked the ads (or more likely, Rob Lowe) enough to interrupt my skip ahead duties to run each new one.
  20. BBCInc

    No hopping in CBS locals

    The 7 day timing is unfortunate. The hopper symbol never shows up on the series top level folder...