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  1. BBCInc

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 8GB White

    GT-P3113 (7") wifi-only, used refurb, no dead pixels, in like new condition. Android 4.2.2. With Poetic case, original Samsung charger and reinforced USB cable. $60 or reasonable offer and free shipping to the lower 48.
  2. BBCInc

    DVR Feature Request

    I've looked but can't find any sticky thread to put this, so here goes: As an avid PiP user, I've noticed there are two channel buffers with up to, in the case of my Hopper with Sling, approximately 1 hour worth of buffered content each. I've also noticed that when I play back a DVR recording...
  3. BBCInc

    Hopper with Sling Internals Information

    I opened my owned HWS today for a dust cleaning and took the attached pictures (iPod, so kind of crappy) for anyone curious about the internal components and layout. The hard drive is a Seagate Pipeline HD 2000GB (2TB), Model ST2000VM003.
  4. BBCInc

    AutoHop mIssing on one recording of Cops block

    Last Saturday's Cops back-to-back shows on Fox had AutoHop on the re-run but not on the new episode. This has happened before also and I just passed it off as a glitch. DIRT has requested this information in the past, so I thought I would report it this time.
  5. BBCInc

    Hopper Internal Replacement Drive List

    First some caveats... I know the Hopper is fairly new, most are leased, and it's easy to get a replacement from Dish whether owned or leased. I bought a HWS and want to be proactive by setting aside a replacement internal hard drive now while they're still available on the market (admittedly...
  6. BBCInc

    Custom Folder in My Recordings

    Getting used to my new Hopper... So far I can't figure out a way to add a custom folder to My Recordings. I have quite a few recordings that were under "Cooking" on my 722 but were separated out when transferred via EHD. Is there a way to put them in a folder called "Cooking" on the Hopper?
  7. BBCInc

    Back USB port on 722

    After blow-out dusting my 722 (non K), the rear USB port no longer works with an EHD. Is a USB port that susceptable to dust particles?
  8. BBCInc

    Leased Receiver Routine Maintenance OK?

    Since the average receiver is in use for years, I'm wondering what the Dish position is on a regular maintenance item like removing internal dust. I've always done it every 6 months or so to my other continuously in service electronic items but never remember reading anything on this forum about...
  9. BBCInc

    My Game Finder at Dish Site

    Not sure when this was added but there is a nice addition to the Dish website, in the personal account section, called "My Game Finder". It lists, in a spreadsheet-like format, all the baseball, basketball, football (pro and college), and hockey games broadcast on DN. Since it contains...
  10. BBCInc

    September Bill (Slightly) Higher

    Here's one reason I still get a paper bill... I noticed a .44 increase in my bill for September, triggering a check of the Statement Detail. I have been grandfathered from paying a DVR fee due to previous fee-free DVR ownership. Now, on this bill, two new line items appear, the first is $6.00...