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    Sun SetFor those that can get either SD or BTV and can get Sun News, well as this mornis on Sun News

    With an audience of 8,000 out of 5,100,000 homes that were paying for it, Sun News was a disaster from the getgo. Just like Target found out, Canada ain't the US especially with a company controlled and run by a Quebec Separatist. Good riddance to the Rant & Rave Racist Channel.
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    Have my Shaw direc back up but?

    "Not sure why they mapped a satellite out Of US coverage?" There were no more Ku Band slots available in the 103 to 119 arc. That's why they had to opt for a Canada only Extended Ku slot
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    shaw direct two dish lnb? switch ?

    Shaw Direct is same 22kz switching as DirecTV
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    Oasis HD Free preview

    Both Shaw Free Previews link
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    Multiswitch Question

    There are 4 possible signal sources for a channel on SD - 107 Horizontal, 107 Vertical, 111 Horizontal + 111 Vertical. As a result 2 lines must be run to each PVR. The only time splitting works with Shaw is with an old stacked LNBF where reception is only required from 1 satellite.
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    Will this work?

    Yes - you will get Anik F1R and F2
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    Canadian gov't to push cable providers to unbundle channels

    Most consumers won't save. There'll be a "must carry" package for $20 to $25/month plus a "must buy" 1 Canadian service for each American service. The potential losers are Bell and Shaw Cat 2 channels which show the same programs on 17 services and the Bell/Rogers sports channels when subs cut...
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    For those who use an address for Shaw outside the Toronto area.

    If he has a quad LNBF + 600 series receiver, he will get any channels changed to MPEG4. If he has older stacked (beer can style) LNBF, he will not.
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    For those who use an address for Shaw outside the Toronto area.

    I dislike when people say: I told you so. But to repeat what I posted before the G1 launch. " To avoid black screens on Detroit/Seattle HD channels when simsubs are authorized; if you are outside the footprint of G1, DO NOT INSTALL a XKu band LNBF" This applies to ALL postal codes.
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    NFL Ticket on Shaw

    NFLST will only be offered to subs with XKu LNBF + 6XX receivers. Last year, they offered standard def feeds on F1R in MPEG4 that required 6XX receivers. This year, all HD NFL feeds not available on Canadian locals + Rogers Sportnet channels will be placed on the 2 open transponders on G1...
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    Shaw direct satellite

    Call Shaw Cable - they'll probably do a hardware swap for you
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    Shaw Direct Lineup with G1 Channel Numbers
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    SimSub gone wild

    Obviously an invalid simsub code associated with the postal code your account is attached to. Someone in that area will call SD.
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    Additional Hockey on SD

    Not shown in IPG Shaw is putting Overflow games on 454 Classic (398 Advanced)
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    Anik G1 went up today!

    Shaw will continue to add channels to F1R/F2 as they convert transponders to MPEG4. Movietime HD was added today (ch 250 Classic Lineup)
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    Anik G1 went up today!
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    shaw satelite Canada

    You need to sign up for the Home Away From Home program. You will receive a 75 cm dish to take with you. Try to get one with a non xKu LNBF if you can.
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    Shaw LTSS DSR505 Audio problem

    Under the LTSS program, you have 1 year warranty and customer service on the receiver and dish. Disconnect the cable in from the dish at the receiver + power cord. Reconnect after 5 minutes. If this doesn't resolve the issue, call SD for a rehit.
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    Shaw Direct in Central Florida?????

    Look for an installer who installs FTA syatems