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  1. andy_horton

    Xfinity (Comcast) rate/lineup changes

    Bruce, several points of interest.. What happened locally in the SE TN and N GA market (at minimum) if you'll recall the old cheaper packages didn't include any sports keeping out that pesky sports fee. Now, even their revamped what would've been Digital Economy they add FS1, which when I asked...
  2. andy_horton

    Xfinity (Comcast) rate/lineup changes

    Harshness, in the ATL and certain TN and GA markets Cinemax has been replaced with a service called "Hits." I'm not aware of other regions on this channel. They definitely love to jack up prices on used equipment. My dad said, "Oh, they increased my internet no extra cost." My...
  3. andy_horton

    Xfinity (Comcast) rate/lineup changes

    Rate increases normally occur on taxes, fees and equipment rental..(gateways, X1 and DVR, etc.) I believe you'd see the increase on your January statement, printed in December since bills are 1 month in advance. Usually on the last page. If you have ecobill, please check it out online. Hope this...
  4. andy_horton

    Xfinity (Comcast) rate/lineup changes

    Maybe nationwide (Mom & Dad live in Big South region,) Comcast is increasing rates on broadcast tv fees, ($10.50 now $14.75,) gateway rentals, ($11 now $13 monthly,) return payment fee, ($10 now $30) effective Dec 2019. FS1 is now included in all but Limited Basic package..(Yes, sports fee will...
  5. andy_horton

    WFLI repack (Chattanooga TN market)

    Trip, official move happened at 10am Dec 6. Did have to rescan, signal here in NW GA is about the same. 8 bay UHF outdoor antenna 15' AGL preamp with 2 way splitter. I'd assume signal might be higher if not split. But still solid signal. Didn't hear too much until about a week or so on any local...
  6. andy_horton

    WFLI repack (Chattanooga TN market)

    Also, remember even though WFLI says operated by "New Age Media LLC" it's a spinoff actually owned by Sinclair..[emoji849] Sent from my LML212VL using the SatelliteGuys app!
  7. andy_horton

    WFLI repack (Chattanooga TN market)

    Lol.. I know they had a C.P., and had thought they were to be the 1st few to switch. With an increase by 50kw I was wondering if their new transmitter was moving from Signal Mountain to Waldens Ridge as it's farther away. Difference in signal strength is roughly 10 points up or down. Ironic it...
  8. andy_horton

    WFLI repack (Chattanooga TN market)

    As a 'just in case,' WFLI (Real 42) Virtual 53.1-.4 is asking OTA watchers to rescan no later than Dec 10th. You can rescan now, as I have, but they take the new channel offline and are still testing guide info and I've noticed signal fluctuations while they test. The crawl says they will...
  9. andy_horton

    Please rescan WFLI Chattanooga TN (CW) by Dec 10 2019 (Repack)

    You're welcome! Glad I could help. Sent from my LML212VL using the SatelliteGuys app!
  10. andy_horton

    Please rescan WFLI Chattanooga TN (CW) by Dec 10 2019 (Repack)

    WFLI Virtual 53.1 (Real 42) is now running commercials to rescan your antenna tuner no later that Dec 10, 2019. New channel will be UHF 23. They are supposed to be increasing power from 500kw to 550kw on or before Dec 10 under their construction permit. WFLI Cleveland/Chattanooga TN serves 4...
  11. andy_horton

    Outdoor UHF antenna issues

    One thought I had, of course proper band antenna and aiming is important. Also consider the tuner depending on its sensitivity. Many tuners for digital reception vary depending on the manufacturer. Some are better than others at locking on signal and 2 different tuners side by side but made by...
  12. andy_horton

    Pluto missing OTA channels in guide on a Roku TV

    I receive 24 stations OTA, connected through Roku TCL t.v. When I open Pluto, it's missing many local stations. Is there a limit on how many it will show in guide? It also jumps from 3.1 (NBC) to 3.3 (ION) leaving 3.2 out. Also will get to 45.1 (PBS) but leaves out 53.1-.4 and 61.1, .2. Tried...
  13. andy_horton

    Antenna Changes

    100% agreed!
  14. andy_horton

    Antenna Changes

    My unique experience was even 5 ft higher improved some channels, but most worsened. After experiments, lol.. I ended up putting the antenna back to its original height on the mast, kept everything the same except changing the weather boots. You'd think higher is always better, but like so many...
  15. andy_horton

    Can you get a DVR with Comcast Economy?

    Anymore, at least in the Big South region, the answer would be yes. As long as you have HD. They claim the DVR is $10.00. True, but in addition in this region you're required to have HD at $9.99 bringing total cost to $19.99 to actually DVR. The new structuring now includes HD, although I'm...
  16. andy_horton

    Is it ok to mix RG6 and RG59 coax cables?

    I was just inspecting my antenna yesterday. I noticed the weather boot covering the input from antenna was cracking and frail looking. Replaced it just in case. I'd rather be preventive since moisture in the connection can cause funky issues.
  17. andy_horton

    Another reason to drop your Cable/Sat. Service, the Power Bill

    It always also helps if you do leave it plugged in to unplug the unit 30 seconds to a minute..just like a modem and router..."declutters" and refreshes everything. Usually for me I try at least 1-2 times per week.
  18. andy_horton

    Unable to pull in VHF Hi stations

    One thing I either missed or wasn't discussed is when using more than 1 antenna, shouldn't there be some kind of a few feet distance between the two? As I've played with my setup, before finally finding a happy medium with one antenna, placing 2 antennas 1ft apart caused interference vs when I...
  19. andy_horton

    MLB Extra Innings on Xfinity

    Depending on the cable system, (This area in N GA being year 1,) Comcast is Beta testing HD MLB Extra Innings. It depends on if the system has the bandwidth...(Most do with Comcast that are digital now.) They are really going after cord cutters with new packages...(I'm still saving cord cutting...
  20. andy_horton

    One in three TV viewers in the US now use an antenna: report

    Very true I know locally for TN, GA stations. Knoxville does overlap Chattanooga now, and Atlanta is overlapping in N GA & NE GA. Nashville would overlap Chattanooga as well except for Monteagle Mountain that simply blocks any possible overlap maybe with exception of Missionary Ridge in...