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    Celebrating 15 Years!

    Congrats Scott! I think I've been around for about a how that time has flown...we must all be having a great time! It was a pleasure meeting you and Eva in Hartford a few years back...and I enjoyed the tour of "SatGuys Command Central"! Keep up the great can count on...
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    Cold front in the theoretical place of eternal damnation

    In my GMC truck I was able to program over the channel numbers with text, so "SXM 26" became "Classic V" (limit on the number of characters). Tedious but worth the effort to "name" all 25 presets I assigned. Does Subaru allow something similar? Sent from my LG-E980 using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Intermittent it equipment or the service?

    Hi all. I hope I'm not asking a question that was already answered, but a quick search didn't turn up anything. My only experience with SXM is with my '14 Sierra...and the Android app that comes with the subscription. For 3+ years it worked flawlessly. Recently I started experiencing a...
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    "Go redd-up your room!", as in clean up - spoken to me many times by my Mom in my childhood home in western PA...
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    Legendary Broadcaster Keith Jackson Dies at age 89

    Wow...thanks for those memories! I forgot about Frank Broyles. I remember him pronouncing it "Hoishell Walker"...
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    Legendary Broadcaster Keith Jackson Dies at age 89

    If memory serves Keith Jackson was behind the mike when Penn State beat Georgia to win their 1st Championship in the 82/83 Sugar Bowl. I didn't hear that broadcast live...I was in the stadium...but I think I remember him on the recording we made. Trouble was...the guy who made the tape forgot...
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    Font sizes

    Yeah, the editor should cancel-out all caps "shouting" as well...
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    To Serve Man

    I was watching as well...brought back some memories...
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    Your Favorite Toy from Christmases past?

    Yep...I really wanted that thing...and "Santa" came through! I think it sold for $25 back in the day. I was very careful with my toys, kept them clean and in the box. I have no idea what happened to it...I think it was lost in one of many "Mom purges". I found one on eBay a few years back...
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    Your Favorite Toy from Christmases past?

    Mine was Astro Ideal...also 1960...
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    I had to give those up...I deal with entirely too many of them at work every day...!
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    What was your first sports memory?

    Yeah, THAT brings back memories...I was Dad's remote!
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    Didn't appear in my PBS channel's schedule at 10 however it will run at 4 AM. No matter what time I record it...
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    Tks...I'll record it...!
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    Swap 722k remotes?

    I phrase situations like this...and "free 2-day shipping" with "at no additional cost". This thread prompted me to chat Dish to get a new remote for my "new" (refurb) 211K. Same result..."free", UPS 2-3 days, and no need to return the old one. I realize DHPP is largely a...
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    What was your first sports memory?

    I remember my cub pack taking us to a Pirates game at Forbes field in '60. Don't remember much about the game except that I had a seat behind a pillar so I had to move around to see everything. I ate too much junk and barfed! I still have the ticket stubs in a scrapbook. Of course that was...
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    Free - funky ViP 211?

    Correct...the K variant is not obsolete...and I realize my 211 can't be reactivated...maybe somebody wants it for parts or something beyond my comprehension...
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    Free - funky ViP 211?

    I had to get a replacement for my 211. Dish sent me a 211K. Since the old receiver is larger it won't fit the 211K box for return so that prompted me to call TS. I was told that the 211 is obsolete and they don't want it back. That would also explain why the box did not have a 2-way label...
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    Are these emails legit???

    If it was my aunt...I'd advise you to rescind your bet...!
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    AHC now in HD

    Yep...watched some of the "D-Day to Victory" series over the weekend even though I'd seen most of it before in SD...was like a totally new experience...!