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  1. Modwild

    Alexa with Dish Question (Speaker?)

    Well, that is a bummer. I guess I can use it with other things if I decide to take the plunge. Thanks so much for your answer!!
  2. Modwild

    Alexa with Dish Question (Speaker?)

    I've searched the forums and didn't find this to be a question that was answered, but it won't be a surprise if you all immediately point me to a thread I missed, so I'm apologizing in advance. You're the experts. Ask me about TV content, and I'll be the expert. :) It's Prime Day and the Alexa...
  3. Modwild

    SiriusXM App is gone?

    I listen right on my TV. I don't use the app. I only mentioned it because it was gone, too. Guess I'm late to the party that the XM channels were deleted from the lineup. Sorry to bother. Please delete.
  4. Modwild

    SiriusXM App is gone?

    I had a big update tonight that interrupted viewing for quite a while and required remotes to be updated, as well. Apparently part of that update was to remove SiriusXM, as well as a few apps. Not that I remember what apps there were, but gone for sure are the SiriusXM app (and the stations as...
  5. Modwild

    CBS stations return to DISH

    Keep them on the line. Keep arguing. I got them to $10 last night by going up a level.
  6. Modwild

    CBS stations return to DISH

    I'm also down one of the superstations. Anybody know if the rest will go off the air? I lost WSBK. Showtime is still on. Any idea why? Finally, does anybody know how to "force" a dish 722k to program an OTA station even if it's not receiving the best signal?
  7. Modwild

    CBS stations return to DISH

    It was reported on Deadline that all CBS stations have been pulled from Dish across the board.
  8. Modwild

    How CBS Dispute Affects You ?

    This is my problem. Pittsburgh networks are all over the map so an outdoor antenna would have to be high in the air and our 3rd floor roof isn't accessible. I won't lose The CW because I get the super stations. However, CBS is crap OTA. The only network I can get reliably OTA is NBC. Not...
  9. Modwild

    CBS stations return to DISH

    TV Fanatic. I'm the managing editor, which means I have little room for lost networks!
  10. Modwild

    After 8 years, time to say goodbye to Dish

    Could you message me about the free proxy? I get something I pay $17.95 every three months. I'd love free.
  11. Modwild

    Dish Network Corp. (DISH) founder Charlie Ergen said he may permanently drop Time Warner Inc.

    I just called them to ask about getting a price reduction since they've removed channels from my 250 pack and not added in new ones. They offered $5 a month for three months as long as I promise not to leave. Or what? They'll ask for $10 back? I told them to buzz off and started looking at new...
  12. Modwild

    CBS stations return to DISH

    Well this and the Turner sites has me rethinking my decision to remain with Dish. I write about TV for a living. I can't be without any stations I've signed up for. Thankfully Showtime has a decent press site. Will this eventually effect The CW as well? They're partially owned by CBS. We don't...
  13. Modwild

    Chrome DishAnywhere SlingPlayer Extension

    I searched the board and only saw one small mention of this under a different topic, so... I use the Dishanywhere application with my slingplayer all the time. It's a job necessity. Today I got a message saying to update to the new Dish Slingplayer extension. Unfortunately, it doesn't install...
  14. Modwild

    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    Dish USED to have HDNet movies, Style and HDNet but dropped them for some other crap. So what's old is new again? Utter crap. Utter, utter crap. AMC's historical draws are pointless. Their movies as of the last few years have been nothing; their original programming everything. Yippee.
  15. Modwild

    Service Restored to 129 Satellite!

    Down in Colorado. Restarted and all that jazz. Nothing. Started a hashtag on Twitter. #Dishdown091311. I review TV as a part time job. THANK GOD I have the Parenthood DVD right in front of me. OMG. I got this reply from Dish on Twitter: @Modwild There is signal outage from a satellite...
  16. Modwild

    Use Slingbox AV through

    No. Here is a transcript when I asked that question to a very confused Dish rep. The bottom line is that a regular sling box WILL NOT work with Dishonline. Welcome to DISH Network Chat. Jennifer (ID: ZVV): Thank you for choosing DISH Network, how can I help you today? Carissa Pavlica: I am...
  17. Modwild

    Dish Remote Access/Dish Online password problem

    Ok - so I can watch Dishonline fine, until I get to my DVR. I can say I want to "watch" via my slingbox, and it will change the channel but just never brings up a picture. On my Droid, I use the slingbox app all the time. Trying Dish Remote Access, it keeps telling me I am using the wrong...
  18. Modwild

    Dish Remote Access Grayed Out

    Dish Online on the PC is not working right now, either, so maybe they're doing upgrades.
  19. Modwild

    SatelliteGuys First Look Review - DISH Sling Adapter

    A little over a month ago, I wanted a Slingbox. I called Dish and asked when to expect the Sling adapter. I have a 722K, so two rooms, and two OTA inputs. They refused to give me any news about the adapter. I told them if they didn't do that, they were losing a sale. They kept pushing the 922...
  20. Modwild


    I have a definitive answer to that! No. Nor does it integrate computer hard drive content. Only DVR and online.