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  1. Jim5506

    40.0 remote not learning commands from Sony TV remote

    Take the remote to another room with a door closed (as near to the TV as possible but totally out of sight - other side of a wall). If it still works it is RF, if it does not work it is most likely IR.
  2. Jim5506

    Dish Anywhere Login to Wrong Account?

    Me too, I logged into my DA account on a PC with Edge Beta and got my own account. So much for being able to snoop on someone else's account.
  3. Jim5506

    Hopper OTA Guide

    PSIP data is highly variable from station to station and is unreliable because it contains neither as much information as is needed nor is it as accurate as the faulty data provided by Rovi. Neither cable companies nor any other linear TV provider (e.g. DirecTV) use PSIP. I am not sure of the...
  4. Jim5506

    Dish Customer Service not like the old days.

    Hey Claude, how ya' doin'?
  5. Jim5506

    joey's glitch

    Sounds like this is NOT a customer service issue, but a software issue. CSRs and techs are powerless until the coders define the problem and fix it. In the meantime reboots are a work around.
  6. Jim5506

    Issues with 72W Even Transponders

    Possible faulty lnb.
  7. Jim5506

    Channel 540, 4k

    4K Joey was introduced before the H3 and should be able to play 4K content even is it is connected to a HWS as long as you have the proper service..
  8. Jim5506


    I just pick up my 40.0 remote and press the STOP button. I always keep the 54.0 and 40.0 remotes together because each does something better than the other.
  9. Jim5506

    What OTA USB Unit to Look For, For a Hopper/Sling

    Products | AirTV scroll down to accessories. This one is the same as the $60 Dish dual tuner but at half the price. Mine has been working great for 3+ months.
  10. Jim5506

    New On Demand UI very ugly.

    Home> Home> Search includes on demand options.
  11. Jim5506

    Purchase a Dish receiver to work with EHD

    Or, you could put a second dish on the garage and run a check switch when you move the receiver from place to place and have full functionality at either place. What is your current receiver?
  12. Jim5506

    New On Demand UI very ugly.

    I have an H3 with one Joey 3.0. From my Joey 3.0 I looked at OnDemand both on National Geographic channel and on the menu system (Home;Home) and was able to select any item there.
  13. Jim5506

    EHD problems on H3 with U548?

    Could it be that previously the H3 only saw 2 TB of that drive and now it sees the third TB and is confused about whether the drive is formatted or not? I have read that you can take another drive that is formatted by the H3 (empty) and copy the programs from the 3TB to the new drive with a...
  14. Jim5506

    Hadley, PA Antenna Question

    WTAE is actually on channel 27 now but it is also 15-20 miles further south of Pittsburgh than the other stations there, about 82 miles south of you. With a UHF channel, 82 miles is asking for a minor miracle with 2 edge reception. WOED, a PBS station is on RF channel 4 in Pittsburgh, about 69...
  15. Jim5506

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    I saw him just after the deer came by, but some have said appearances are randomized, but it is a daytime appearance.
  16. Jim5506

    ATSC 3.0 Discussion

    Maybe AirTV will make one for $29.99 that works on the H3.
  17. Jim5506 gone!

    Yesterday I tried to open highdefforum (dot) com and was redirected to some DVDTalk website. Anyone else experiencing this, what happened?
  18. Jim5506

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    All games are cancelled. Thanks to the media for over hyping the Chinese corona virus scare!
  19. Jim5506

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    IIRC, if you can see the channel, you will receive it when it is active (BICBW).
  20. Jim5506

    Software U547 on Hopper3

    did you try changing the guide from large font to small or small to large. That has always allowed me to get the full guide after I was locked on the guide.