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    cost to reinstall direct Dish on new roof?

    Hi. Need new roof and my Direct TV dish is on the roof. I have vinyl siding so can't mount it on the side of the house. How much will Direct TV charge to come and reinstall the dish?
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    Install problems getting HD in the north

    spent 3 days in the cold trying to align new Slimline SWM 5 dish because I want HD like I have at my other residence. Using a new Tracker Light meter to locate satellite. I still have my old 18" dish here which receives all the SD programming without any problem so I know I am getting 101W. When...
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    771 error on new SWM 5 dish but get all channels on old SD dish.

    Bought a new slimline 5 HD SWM directv dish to replace old SD dish which works fine. I used a Tracker Light meter to find 101 and 119 both which meter showed locked. I tried setup in Florida and worked fine but in Canada getting a 771 no signal error even when meter locks on to both Satellites...