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  1. tcat007

    Schedule recording missed

    I've been trying to record The Avengers, shows timer for today at 3:00 (under timer tab), but never started recording. It's on the timer list, but when I click on it and look at "timer schedule" in the popup, nothing is there. No red dot on the guide either. Tried yesterday and today and...
  2. tcat007

    External hard drive

    I have 2 powered MyBook drives that disconnect almost every night (no "other devices" icon). Rebooting Hopper 3 fixes issue. I've seen older threads with same issue, is there a solution?
  3. tcat007

    Locals down?

    Anyone's locals out right now? Down in Austin. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using the SatelliteGuys app!
  4. tcat007

    Spectrum Choice

    Anyone tried Spectrum Choice yet? Seems like a good deal, choice of 10 channels with locals $22, plus all 5 premium movie bundle $15, 2 year. Curious about on demand, haven't been on cable for 25 years. No DVR, but if you can view recent shows on demand, may not be necessary. I'm already on...
  5. tcat007

    Real cost?

    I'm on Dish Flex package, Hopper and 1 Joey, plus $10 movie package, total $87/mo. Thinking of switching to At&t bundle got in mail $85 for Direct, Internet and phone. Fine print is very confusing (all the extra fees). Seems reasonable the 1st year, but high the second, and probably way high...
  6. tcat007

    Hopper 3 4k

    Just got my h3 yesterday. What to expect with 4k content? I tried Netflix (4k shows), but my ef9500 shows 1080. I know YouTube doesn't support 4k within the hopper app, but I thought Netflix did. It's fine on the TV app. Any other Dish content? Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk