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  1. Bobby

    HOA says move dish

    If he is in a condo, there are different rules... Obviously this dish is not attached to the building. If in a condo or townhouse the dish is OK as long as it is in the subs private space, not in open space belonging to the community grounds.
  2. Bobby

    Matt Damon vs. Leonardo DiCaprio

    Matt would make a terrible Gilbert Grape...
  3. Bobby

    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Tell Mama - Etta James
  4. Bobby

    Remote code for HTS not available??

    No it wasn't a joke. I looked at my Hopper 3 and found some Yamaha models close to yours and that was the code for them. As to your second question, I'd let your TV do any and all upscaling. Most TVs, especially newer ones, have excellent upscaling.
  5. Bobby

    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    Depending on your streaming device Hulu offers a lot of 5.1...
  6. Bobby

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $2.59 at Costco.
  7. Bobby

    40.0 remote not learning commands from Sony TV remote

    That appears to be an IR remote.
  8. Bobby

    40.0 remote not learning commands from Sony TV remote

    Is the Sony remote IR? If it is RF your 40 remote can’t learn from it.
  9. Bobby

    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Signs - Tesla
  10. Bobby

    Dying HWS

    The price is the same for either on a monthly basis. With 3 Joeys Hopper 3 would be standard. I’d give them a call to see if they would waive an upgrade charge. You could be surprised.
  11. Bobby

    Remote code for HTS not available??

    Just for grins try 4423.
  12. Bobby


    Perhaps because the 6 and the 1.5 add up to 7.5. Maybe the total limit is 7?
  13. Bobby

    Dish, Mission Sign Temporary Pact Due to Coronavirus

    Really? What kind of a non-answer is that to the question. It's a simple answer and navychop gives it. ;)
  14. Bobby

    How full is my Hopper 3?

    Don't stress so much on the percentage. There are a lot of DISH downloaded programming that comes and goes. Even at 20% you have plenty of recording time. If you archive a lot of programming on your Hopper 3 you might consider an External Hard Drive. It only costs the price of the drive.
  15. Bobby

    Remote code for HTS not available??

    What Dish receiver and what Dish remote are you trying to pair that Yamaha to?
  16. Bobby

    Missing JSheridan

    And that is wise advice...
  17. Bobby


    Are you able to see both EHDs when they are both plugged in or does the 1.5 simply make the 6 go invisible?
  18. Bobby

    Dying HWS

    Do you ever find yourself doing schedule maneuvers because you only have 3 tuners or overlap in programming?. I know I did with my Hopper 2000. So, once I got a Hopper 3 all of that thinking was gone. Do I need 16 tuners, no. But I often find myself record 5 or 6 things at any particular...
  19. Bobby

    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Chain Of Fools - Aretha Franklin
  20. Bobby

    be honest are you worried about corona

    Gas was about a quarter a gallon in 1960 when I first started driving. I can remember gas wars in 1969 when gas was down to 18 cents. I could fill my 69 Firebird for $3.25 if the tank was completely empty.