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    DISH OTA antenna

    Guys, tired of losing locals, and not getting credit for the loss in the bill, I contacted DISH about this and they offered to install an OTA antenna, free of charge. With no extension of contract. I am way out of contract and I do not want to get back into one. So how does the wiring work...
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    Where is DISH going?

    I keep reading all of these news articles about cord cutters and the loss of satellite subscribers. I keep hearing that while Directv is suffering, DISH is hurting even more. I can tell you that I can bundle a Double or Triple Play offer from the cable company and save money overall. At...
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    CSN Northwest

    It's time DISH adds CNN Northwest. You can now watch Portland Trail Blazers games on YouTube Live We can now get it on Fubo, HuluTV, PlaystationVue, Centurylink. If DISH doesn't I think it may be time to pull the plug. I have options now. I hate Comcast, so I never wanted to leave DISH for...
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    Pac 12 Network

    Dish does not carry all the Pac 12 channels, only the national channel. In the past I have been able to log onto and watch the various networks. Now, I try to do it and I can't get access to anything beyond the national channel. When did this change? Why did it change? I am lost...
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    Credit Card stolen, updating Auto Pay and it won't take Amex anymore

    American Express account was stolen and went into update auto pay to a new account number and there is no longer an option to add an American Express account. Instead it forces to you add Visa, Mastercard or various debit options. Been paying with American Express for YEARS. And did so...