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  1. ScooterS

    Why we are not going to CES.

    Yeah.... It all adds up. While it is fun to gadget-watch and people-watch, It has become too durn expensive. A few years ago, I had a clean and fairly nice hotel that I could get for less than $100 per night. This year (I just looked), rooms are $419 at the same place! When you add that to...
  2. ScooterS

    Details of SatelliteGuys Ultimate Birthday Prize Giveaway!

    WoW! Two of my favorite things SatGuys and cruising!
  3. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Party 6/16/12!

    I'd love to be there, but can't. Congrats to you guys for successfully "kicking one out of the nest." Congrats to your son as well!!
  4. ScooterS

    Modify User Name

    In the famous words of Maxwell Smart "Sorry about that Chief!"
  5. ScooterS

    Modify User Name

    Thanks for the update Scott and all! My "S" isn't as large now that I've been losing weight (see post in pub). Anyhow It's fixed. Please move your lips close to the screen, pucker up. Now you can kiss my..... ScooterS
  6. ScooterS

    Modify User Name

    Is it possible for you change my User Name from "Scooters" to "ScooterS" without resetting all of my data, etc.? I was a bit hasty when I signed up for this little forum that I stumbled into many years ago.:D I'd much rather be known as "Scooter S." than someone who rides scooters...
  7. ScooterS

    Top of the page display.

    yes I am... thought that it was just me
  8. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Press Preview Coverage

    Nice job Scott and Sean...
  9. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Polo Shirts and Hats

    Hey PG (and Scott too)! Just got back in town and my shirt was waiting. Shirt looks great and the logo is fantasticz! Thanks for all that you do for all of us!!
  10. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Polo Shirts and Hats

    That's good sir! The SatGuys Limo has a flat tire & I can't get it replaced until Monday when the Lawmower Store reopens!
  11. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Polo Shirts and Hats

    Do I need to drive the Corporate Limo to the Newington International Airport to pick them up for you sir?
  12. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Polo Shirts and Hats

    So, how is the SDS (Shirt Distribution System) going Scott & PG???
  13. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Polo Shirts and Hats

    I'm re-reading (it's the fine print that will kill ya). From your post, I can't tell if you need to sell 50 or 100 to get to the price break. Depending on the next price break, it may still pay off. Anyhow... everyone please be so kind as to order a shirt so that I can stop messing with this...
  14. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Polo Shirts and Hats

    Scott... This may be one of those "if the train leaves Atlanta going 60 and the other train leaves New York going 40......" math problems. If I understand it correctly, you are paying $7 out of your pocket for each shirt we order until you reach 100. That drops to "break even" if you sell...
  15. ScooterS

    SatelliteGuys Polo Shirts and Hats

    Looks Great! Ordered my shirt.... I'm not a "hat" kinda guy. Scott... Thanks for another GREAT idea. It would be interesting to know how many you end up ordering.
  16. ScooterS

    "Enter Forums Banner"

    You're Welcome!
  17. ScooterS

    "Enter Forums Banner"

    Scott: I've noticed that the "Click Here To Enter The SatelliteGuys Forums" link on the main page is a bit small and gets easily lost on top of the other banner at the top of the page (currently SBE). Any chance that you can punch it up a bit? It might make it easier for members (especially...
  18. ScooterS

    staying logged in

    jlhugh.... nice cookies!
  19. ScooterS

    PDA Version Now Available!

    Thanks Scott! BTW... I thought that I was the one that suggested it???
  20. ScooterS

    Win a Dish 942 HD DVR from DishStore.NET and SatelliteGuys.US!

    Candy: 74 Money: $5.31 answer (Thanks for another great contest!)