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    Ku-Band Satellite Installation Kit (How-to-do)

    My motives of going for a backup dish is not receiving Angels and Kings games (as a result of the DISH contract dispute with Fox Sports removing all its regional channels), as for the backup dish that I'm going for (Ku-Band) in addition to DiSEqC, what Installation Kit (How-to-do) will I need...
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    Going for a backup dish?????

    Since I can't seem to view my Ducks and Kings games (all being blacked out), as a result of Fox Sports removing all of its regional channels from the Dish Network lineup I plan on going for a backup dish (If I went with another provider, I'll end up paying extra) like this one from TEK2000...
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    WB Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1998)

    although the primary WB Network feed was on C-Band (on Galaxy 4, transponder 9 and occupying Telstar 5, transponder 18 for some time (after the GALAXY 4 communications failure), before residing on Galaxy 6, transponder 7 (which was C-Band only, as SBS-6 was on the same orbital slot as that one))...
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    CONUS Communications feeds on SBS-6 (1998)

    as you'll find a lot of news feeds, sports backhauls and satellite news gathering feeds on Ku-Band, Conus Communications had feeds on SBS-6 (74"0 W, same orbital spot as Galaxy 6), All News Channel (ANC) was also on there as well, and the feeds went by a specific name "Conus Entertainment"...
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    Intelsat 605 Ku??? (1998)

    well as the C-Band side of Intelsat 605 (IS-605) which was *CA on 4DTV had NBC feeds (since they moved the majority of its feeds to Ku-Band), I wonder what the Ku side of Intelsat 605 was being used for? what channels were on there?
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    Alphastar satellite dishes after termination

    as the AlphaStar DBS satellite service ceased operations in August 1997 (and discontinued completely by the following month), as the services of Alphastar continued to be used under the auspices of the Champion Telecom Platform with 13m and 3.7m C/Ku-Band antennas and most being used for FSS...
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    Digital Antennas (1998)

    although HDTV wasn't in public until Nov. 1998, and most stations around the country began HDTV transmission tests. which of the Digital Antennas were available around that time?, since the quality picture was always better in contrast to what you'd see on cable TV and analog OTA antennas (whose...
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    does anyone remember the Ohio News Network?

    Do you remember the Ohio News Network based in Columbus, OH? it was being fed on the North American side of Orion 1 (Ku-band only), it had daily newscasts (Ohio This Morning, Ohio Today, Ohio Tonight, etc...) along with rebroadcasts of newscasts from Ohio TV stations (WBNS Columbus (CBS), WEWS...
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    should I consider buying a Winegard 76cm?

    My DISH Network Box in the Living Room isn't working, and my dad doesn't want to pay $95 for repairs. But should I consider buying a Winegard 76cm Satellite Dish? (although its DIRECTV supported), what equipment will I need for the Winegard 76cm Dish? Is it really worth it?
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    ABC Affiliates on Ku-Band (1998)

    although most ABC feeds were on C-Band, and several backhauls of ABC programming were on Ku (NYPD Blue, The Practice, Home Improvement, America's Funniest Home Videos, Ellen, The Drew Carey Show, Spin City, Dharma & Greg, Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place, Something So Right, Soul Man, Prey...
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    Spacenet 4 Ku (S8/Z4) prior to malfunctioning (1998)

    as the C-Band side of Spacenet 4 (S4) has Starz! Encore channels (Starz! East, Starz! West, Starz! 2, Westerns etc...) as well as WWOR 9 (UPN - New York) and the PT24 West channels (KOMO/Seattle (ABC), KNBC/Los Angeles (NBC), KPIX/San Francisco (CBS), FOXNET (FOX - National Feed) etc...), aside...
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    Telstar 4 (Ku-Band) after Alphastar

    after Alphastar's satellite services (an Canadian/American hybrid) shut down in August 1997. which channels/transponders were being moved to and occupied on Telstar 4 Ku (T7) aside from the ABC affiliate and NewsOne feeds? I wonder what Telstar 4 Ku was being used for after Alphastar ended...
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    cost of Ku-Band (1998)

    as C-Band Satellite was for home viewing, and Primestar, DirecTV/USSB, Echostar/Dish Network, Shaw Direct (Canada), ExpressVu (Canada) were the only Ku providers direct to consumers at the time. How much was the cost of regular Ku-Band like in '98? You could get random network feeds (ABC, NBC...
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    Telstar 5 (Ku-Band) before Sky Vista

    As a follow-up to my G4 communications failure post, prior to the launch of Echostar's "Sky Vista" in late 1998, occupying the Telstar 5 Ku Band satellite. I wonder Telstar 5 Ku Band was being used for? (mainly FOX feeds, ESPN feeds, sports backhauls, news feeds, affiliate feeds...
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    1990's Satellite Chart Help

    Now I'd like a satellite chart (from the Orbit Magazine, Satellite TV week and 4DTV) of the regular Ku Band satellite including transponders from 1998. (a month after the G4 communications orbit failure) SBS-4 (used for NBC affiliate/network feeds) SBS-5 SBS-6 GE-1 (used for NBC feeds) GE-2...
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    Galaxy 4 communications after May 1998 (C-Band/Ku-Band)

    as the Galaxy 4 communications were shut down due to satellite failure in May 1998, what happened to the UPN/Paramount & Disney/Buena Vista TV wild feeds which had to move elsewhere? (on Telstar 4 & 5) and The WB/Warner Bros. wild feeds (which were on G4-TP7, TP9) that moved to Galaxy 6, Tp 7...
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    UPN Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1997)

    along with the UPN/Paramount feeds that were carried on Galaxy 4 and Telstar 5, which of the UPN Affiliates were carried on Ku-Band at the time?, aside from what's listed here? (1997) S3R-TP13: WDCA 20 (UPN - Washington, D.C), alternating with WBDC 50 (WB) S3R-TP13L: KTXA 21 (UPN-Dallas Ft...
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    NBC Affiliates on Ku-Band Satellite (1997)

    along with the NBC feeds that were carried on Ku-Band GE1, which of the NBC affiliates were available on Ku-Band at the time?, aside from what's listed here? (1997) S3R-13: WRC 4 Washington, D.C. S3R-13L: KXAS 5 Dallas-Ft. Worth S3R-13U: WHDH 7 Boston (also carried as the east coast NBC...