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  1. MikeMoss

    Dish off in storm, permanently?

    Hi We just had a thunderstorm this evening. During the storm, the dish box went dead. I can hear the disk drive running but there is no light on the front, not Green, or Yellow but power is going in. I tried pushing the buttons for start and reset. I unplugged it waited and plugged it back...
  2. MikeMoss

    Does the Hopper have both and eSATA and USB hook up?

    Hi I"m finally going to get a hard drive to hook up to my Hopper before it dies. I'm looking at a Western Digital My Book AV DVR Expander. I notice that they recommend hooking to DVRs using an eSATA cable which is included with the drive, rather then USB. Does the Hopper have an eSATA input...
  3. MikeMoss

    Buggy Hopper?

    Hi For the last couple of weeks my Hopper will suddenly go off, the TV will go black and after a while the Starting Up screen will pop up and it will go through the startup process and the TV will come back on. This happens at least once a day, at random times but usually right in the middle...
  4. MikeMoss

    Does anyone else find Hopper search almost unusable?

    Hi My Hopper has a lot of glitches but the search function drives me crazy. When I start searching I have to go very slowly, or it will zip to some other letter key just as I type the next one. I have to wait a few seconds to see if it's going to stay on the letter selected or zoom off...
  5. MikeMoss

    Dish Anywhere for PC?

    Hi I've had dish for years and now I can get it through my Smart TV, my Dish Box and my Android Tablet. I'd like to be able to get it on my PC, but I can't seem to find an app for that. Is there a way to use Dish Anywhere through my Windows 10 computer. I was surprised that I didn't find a...
  6. MikeMoss

    Can't connect to server?

    Hi We've watched the first two parts of Tin Man but now when I try and download part 3 I keep getting the message "Can't connect to server, try again later". This happened after we had a power outage yesterday. The Hopper had to go through the setup routine again, but I checked both Broadband...
  7. MikeMoss

    A few of Hopper Questions?

    Hi I've got my Hopper and my new TV and everything is set up and running. But there are a couple of things that I can't figure out. The first is... How do you create new folders? I've spent an hour trying to find a place to make a new folder in the My Folders interface, but I just can't seem...
  8. MikeMoss

    Ready to upgrade, some questions?

    Hi I went and bought a new Samsung 46" TV today, partly because I was afraid that it might be the last chance to get one that would fit in in the space that I have to put it in, (it clears by 3/16 of an inch and there are no 2015 models that are similar in size) but mostly because the HDMI...
  9. MikeMoss

    Dish clipping ends of programs?

    Hi For some reason Dish has started clipping the ends of every program I record. Last night I was watching a recording and it suddenly ended just before we found out what the conclusion of the story was. It is also apparent that every recording is starting late. I always get a couple of...
  10. MikeMoss

    Receiver Number? not making sense.

    Hi I was trying to get into my dish account, (Dexter is over, I'm dropping Showtime LOL) and it asked for my receiver number and it said that it had to be 10 digits long. I do know what my password is. I know how to get to my reciever number too, but there is no number on the page that is only...
  11. MikeMoss

    What external hard drive?

    Hi I hope this will be my last question for a while. I decided to get an external hard drive and stop losing all my recordings every time the Dish box goes bad. I know that they recommend the The Western Digital 1TB hard drive. Can I use a larger hard drive then that? Good or bad idea to go...
  12. MikeMoss

    Will using component color connection deliver an HD picture?

    Hi Again. I've posted in other posts about the problems hooking up my TV, Tuner, Dish setup. My question this time is simple, will using the Red Green Blue video cable connection from the Dish box to my TV give my an HD picture? I'm guessing not but I need to ask before I pull everything out...
  13. MikeMoss

    Looking for remote code for my Sony STRDH520 7.1 tuner.

    Hi Than's the question, where do I find the remote code for my specific tuner. Sony STRDH520 7.1 I've searched buy I can't seem to find the list of Sony Tuners for Dish anyplace. Mike
  14. MikeMoss

    Question about hooking up Dish Bow using component cables?

    Hi I have a new Dish Box that was hooked up to my HD TV using a HDMI cable. It's a VIP722K DVR, Recently my audio tuner gave out after many years and I bought a new one with HDMI pass-through. I had a terrible time getting it to work, it would work and then it wouldn't. I blamed the...
  15. MikeMoss

    Need help about dish boxes and HD?

    Hi I got my wife a new HD TV for her studio in the lower level for Christmas. She has her own Dish Box and it has been hooked up to an old style CRT TV for years. I've got it hooked up and working but there are no HD channels. I have a 2 channel Dish VP 722K upstairs but even if I ran a cable...
  16. MikeMoss

    Audio out of sinc?

    Hi We got hit by lightning, ergo new Dish receivers and they upgraded us to a VP 722K box. The new box is connected to our LGTV via HDMI cable, (0n the old one the audio was connected via RCA connector I'm not sure what the video connection was but not HDMI)... the problem is that the lip sync...
  17. MikeMoss

    Why does Dish box on put out HD on one channel?

    Hi That's my question, why does my second TV have to receive low rez picture. If you are paying for HD why don't you get HD on both channels. Mike
  18. MikeMoss

    Why doesn't my recording space come back?

    Hi I have a Dish 622 DVR box. I got down to the point that I had only about 5 hours and 15 minutes of HD recording time left. So I watched 4 hours of HD programing that I had recorded, then I deleted another 8 hours of stuff I was probably never going to get around to watching. A...
  19. MikeMoss

    External Hard Drive Questions?

    Hi I would like to know, if I plug in an external hard drive to my dish 622 DVR and record to it, can I then plug the drive into my computer and read the files. What format are they saved in? Is there software that will read or convert them so that they are in normal DVD format or...
  20. MikeMoss

    What's the Difference Non and Enhanced?

    Hi I was checking out the Dish'n it up, thing in an effort to get a 722 receiver (instead of my constantly failing 622s) and I see a choice of High Definition DuoDVR and Enhanced High Definition Duo DVR Receiver. The first costs $50 and the other costs $75, but when I click on the link...