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    Netflix for the 99% Not endorsing anything -- just sharing news which some may find of interest.
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    Anyone doing dual WAN connections?

    I see a lot of new routers offer a dual WAN capability. Some just do fail over, but others with actually load balance. I was wondering if anyone here was doing that kind of thing and if they had any observations to share. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In a shocking turn of events, AT&T lied
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    Bill to fight surprise cable fees

    Also renews STELAR
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    AT&T Raising Prices

    Another reckoning for the few who pay for this service:
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    Can the internet handle streaming?

    Listen: Can the Internet Handle the Imminent Streaming Explosion? A podcast on the topic.
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    No Plan B

    Dish's Charlie Ergen: We Have No 'Plan B' | Light Reading
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    Cord-cutting accelerates

    Cord-Cutting Bloodshed Worsens in Q3 | Light Reading
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    AT&T Reaches Truce With Activist as TV Defections Worsen Sorry, misread the article at first. 1.2 million customer loss was DirecTV and Uverse.
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    AppleTV on Firestick

    Apple TV app launches on Amazon Fire TV devices - 9to5Mac I can finally watch TV shows I purchased on iTunes a decade ago...which amounts to about three things. Still, nice to see folks getting along.
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    Joey remote uses Hopper antenna?

    [Equipment] Hopper Antenna - Dish Network | DSLReports Forums Is this correct? Do Joey remotes connect to the Hopper and not the Joey itself?
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    Pai: Streaming Video Is Effective Competition to MVPDs Point of interest: "When the FCC determines a cable system is subject to effective competition, that system is no longer subject to basic rate regulation by local franchise authorities."
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    Cable companies use hidden fees to raise prices 24% a month

    I am sure this is a surprise to no one here. Cable companies use hidden fees to raise prices 24% a month
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    Tegna Grants Charter Temporary Extension
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    Comcast accused of reneging on "lifetime" price promise

    Comcast promised not to raise prices—guess what happened next
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    Sorry, Streamers: The Race to Snag Old Shows Leads Nowhere

    I agree. Invest in high-quality new content, please. Sorry, Streamers: The Race to Snag Old Shows Leads Nowhere
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    Watched threads

    It seems like that threads I reply to or start get added to my Watched Threads recently even though that is not what my preference is set to. I end up getting a lot more notifications as a result. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Cord-cutting hits AT&T again

    Cord-Cutting Hits AT&T Again While Wireless, Media Grow "AT&T Inc. T -0.12% lost nearly one million pay-TV customers in the second quarter as cord-cutting continued to take its toll" A familiar refrain...
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    Dish will install OTA Antenna...

    but only if "they" decide you are worthy. I've been trying for the better part of a week to get someone at Dish to agree to send a technician out to install an OTA antenna at my house. First I called Dish. The person I spoke to told me Dish wasn't "currently offering antenna installation...
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    Verizon raises Fios STB fees

    One box, two fees: Verizon is hiking set-top box, DVR fee for long-term customers Is this news? I don't know, but I thought some might want to know.