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  1. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere Prob.

    Last night and now again today when I try to log in I'm getting the message that my receiver list has changed. When DA opens the guide seems really messed up with a bunch of channels showing no program information and I could not scroll below channel 71. When I click on any channels that do have...
  2. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere, connection lost.

    I replaced my two Joey's with 4k Fire Sticks a month or so ago. Dish Anywhere was working just fine without any major issues until this past weekend. Now when I try to watch anything (from the guide or DVR) it gives me the attached error message after several seconds. This is occurring on both...
  3. JeffN9

    Canceled my Joey's today

    Decided to cancel my two Joeys today and use Dish Anywhere on those tv's. Is there anything I need to do with the node or any of the other wiring?
  4. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere/ replace Joey?

    Hi, I would love to get rid of one Joey if possible. I've read most of the threads that talk about streaming media devices and Dish Anywhere but want to make sure I get the right device and it will work for me. Sounds like the Amazon Firestick comes with the DA app already loaded, Roku doesn't...
  5. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere, can't connect.

    Hi, I'm no stranger to Dish with the exception of Dish Anywhere that I decided to try for the first time. I downloaded the DA app on both my Samsung S8 phone and Samsung S3 tablet. Both bring up the user guide just fine but when I try to watch anything I get a popup that says optimizing family...
  6. JeffN9

    New Hopper 3

    Hi, I decided to upgrade my Hopper 2 to a Hopper 3 and 2 Joey 2's on Sat. I have some questions that I can't seem to find answers for. 1. Where is the infrared window on the front? I have to attach a remote extender and can't seem to find the window by shining a flashlight on the front. 2...
  7. JeffN9

    Joey(s) won't power up

    Earlier this week I had a problem with one of my two Joeys. The screen saver was on but no matter what I did I could not get it to power up. Tried pressing select on the remote and Joey itself as well as the power button on the Joey to no avail. Only the screen saver displayed. I then unplugged...
  8. JeffN9

    Hopper renting pay per views, BY ITSELF

    My original Hopper and 2 Joey system has been doing a lot of strange things lately. Most of what I've been seeing has been documented in other threads. One problem that I have not seen reported by anyone else is pay per view movies that rent themselves. A month or two ago I was surfing...
  9. JeffN9

    Big 10 Network now in AT120???

    Sorry if this has already been discussed. I did some searching and didn't find anything. A couple of months ago I switched from AT200 to the AT120 (not plus). I knew that I would lose the Big 10 Network but since I don't watch it much in the summer it didn't really bother me. A few weeks ago I...
  10. JeffN9

    922 EHD problem

    Since receiving my new 922 in March I've had an occasional problem with the EHD. When I go into the DVR menu the my 922/ext. device tab is completely missing sometimes. It's as if the 922 is not seeing the EHD at all. If I unplug the usb cable though I get the on screen message saying that a usb...
  11. JeffN9

    Problem recording two OTA programs at the same time.

    Last night I had timers set to record Grey's Anatomy and The Office at the same time on my 922. I had ABC(Grey's) tuned in at the time but the receiver switched to NBC(Office). We decided to watch Grey's while it was recording so I switched back to ABC. There was no warning screen or anything...
  12. JeffN9

    922 OTA problem

    I thought that I had all the bugs worked out of my new 922(2 weeks old) until this past weekend. Two recordings that were made had problems at the beginning of each. On the first recording the opening 3-4 minutes were missing, the rest was fine. The second recording had severe pixelation and...
  13. JeffN9

    VIP211 audio problem

    I have been doing some searches and not found any recent threads regarding 211 audio problems. At one time it seemed that a lot of people were having issues. For the past few weeks I have noticed an occasional problem that occurs while watching programs. The sound seems to decrease in volume...