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    OTA select duplicate channels

    Hello everyone. I live in a deep fringe area but with a lot of effort and expense I am able to receive OTA channels. Two channels are broadcast on both high VHF and UHF from different towers. The UHF signal strength and quality is much better than the VHF, but the Dish channel scan always...
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    Dual tuner OTA on Hopper with Sling

    Can the new dual tuner OTA dongle be used on a Hopper with Sling? The many posts on the subject of the new dongle seem to be focused on the Hopper 3, but I don't have a Hopper 3, so I need to know if it is compatible with my receiver. Dishformyrv is selling them for $10 less than dish depot...
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    Diplexer with Solo Node

    I have seen this discussed on other threads and there seems to be conflicting info. I want to connect an OTA antenna and use a diplexer after the solo node to combine the signals. At the TV I will use another diplexer to split the signals - one for the Hopper and one for the TV OTA input. I...