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    C31 available shipping early oct $39

    C31 show now available at solid signal. Ships 7-10 days $39.
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    iPhone app is now updated!

    Can watch tv on iPhone now with directv!
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    Help more than 6 tvs

    Ok I'm currently on dish thinking of switching to direct. I want the media center and 5 hd receivers. I also have a additional few tvs that rarely get used. Right now I have those other tvs hooked up thru my central location and all receive the same feed. Just have extra remotes. My question is...
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    What is the best hooper/Joey set up for me??

    I currently have 10 tvs 6 are HD. Never more than 4 on at anytime. Currently I have 3 722's that feed them. 3 tvs to two 722's and 4 to one 722. Thinking of getting 2 hoppers. Question is how many joey's? Thinking 4 to 6? Right now I'm mirroring tv2 on several tvs just not sure I could do this...
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    Changing locals on dish

    I called and got my billing and service address changed. But my locals have not changed. What do I need to do?