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  1. Sparkman

    Charter to Buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks

    approved today:
  2. Sparkman

    Charter Saginaw, Bay City, Midland Mi. area - goes "all digital" Tuesday 1/12/2014

    Happened here in Tn a while ago and now we get about 15 channels on QAM Local OTA channels, no HD, local origination and WGN America. Just a back up for when satellite goes down.
  3. Sparkman

    Lost my free Charter TV

    Locals are sd, 4x3. I was surprised that the subchannels didn't show up as well. Miss out on THIS-TV and a 24 local newschannel. I was getting a ton of rain fade, called D* and they came out and replaced the lnb and tweaked the dish . Much better.
  4. Sparkman

    Lost my free Charter TV

    Did a rescan and now about 12 channels are coming thru. Local networks, CSPAN, QVC, HSN & WGN America. Wish we could get the digital subchannels, but at least if we lose signal, I have local stations. We're too far from Nashville to get anything OTA.
  5. Sparkman

    Lost my free Charter TV

    Have Charter internet and was able to get Charter's TV basic channels free, but they just came thru our neighborhood and put filters on the poles to block the TV signal. It was a good backup when weather knocks out signal. Oh, well.
  6. Sparkman

    Charter finally running cable here

    Went to Charter ofc yesterday & they put on their "New" pricing tiers. Internet & Phone. Internet $39.99, each phone line $19.99. Saves us about $50/month from the old pricing. I am geting about 60 Tv channels QAM, but ABC,NBC, & CBS channels no-1 choice, no HD. FOX, ION, & MY network do...
  7. Sparkman

    Cable and no box!A thing of the past

    THe Comcast system at my rental condo is small enough that lifeline cable is not even offered and according to Comcast they don't have to offer it. Only when the system reaches a certain number of subscribers. The one advantage that I have is that I can use their online services.
  8. Sparkman

    Any Comcast Support people that frequent this forum?

    Scott, go to twitter and search Comcast Cares. It comes up with an email address in the profile, with a name. That would be a good place to start. I got a local contact for the area were my rental condo is. He was very helpful.
  9. Sparkman

    Any Comcast Support people that frequent this forum?

    Issac, thanks for the help. Got in touch with someone local who straightened everything out.
  10. Sparkman

    Any Comcast Support people that frequent this forum?

    I'm having a horrible time dealing with Comcast in my area reqarding Internet and phone service at a rental condo that I own. If there is anyone with Comcast who reads this or anyone who knows of any contact info for senior c/s help, I would appreciate it.
  11. Sparkman

    Chicagoland U-verse Deal Killer

    I also would be furious! The deal killer for me with them is that they do not even offer Comcast Sportsnet HD! I watched some of the Hawks game in HD last night on CSN, but really need it for the other teams.
  12. Sparkman

    No HDTV!!! HELP!!!

    I had this happen in March when we first hooked up the HD box at our place in Tn. It ended up being a bad splitter in the line. They charged me the service call price to come out.
  13. Sparkman

    MLB extra innings

    From what I can tell, I haven't seen 1 Comcast system that is carrying the HD games.
  14. Sparkman

    Rate increases..

    Here in Il, we've been at that rate structure for about the last 5 months or so.
  15. Sparkman

    Comcast Chicago

    Yes, they have ch 11 in HD, along with the feeds of 2 of the digital subchannels. Go to, put your new zipcode in and you can find all of the channels in your new area.
  16. Sparkman

    Feb 17, 2009 and analog channels on Comcast

    At a Comcast office that services my condo in Tn, I was told that they plan on converting the local digital channels into analog after the deadline. Digital cable is relatively new there, & the system was just upgraded to allow HD service. Well over 90% of people there just have the basic...
  17. Sparkman

    Recording one show watching another using digital cable

    You can. The 6412 is the DVR that is used in the Chicago area, I have 3 of them.
  18. Sparkman

    Will we see the new Big-10 network on Comcast?

    In Chicago we're getting CSTV as of 6/27. I would hope we get the Big ten network here too, especially since they announced that most game action will be in HD.
  19. Sparkman

    NGC HD, A&E HD, HDNet and HDNet Movies on Comcast by years end:

    Every system that has HD should also get Golf/Versus as well: