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  1. rvvaquero

    Missing JSheridan

    Yep, and in big bold print at the bottom Hire a local DISH retailer if you have a good one in your area
  2. rvvaquero

    Missing JSheridan

    I hate haters. What I try to do is find a group of haters who hate the same haters that I hate.
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    Dish Customer Service not like the old days.

    wallyhts, I'm not in love with DISH and won't defend them, but you need to chill man. Take a look at what you're saying. DISH evidently has a rule that they won't allow a Hopper 3 on the same account with another type of Hopper...........for whatever reason. You're all bent out of shape...
  4. rvvaquero

    OTA Price.

    Yes, I see "tons" of that on the internet.
  5. rvvaquero

    OTA Price.

    A good outside antenna from Amazon will cost $75 to $150. A piece of fencing toprail for a mast another $20. Add $30 for a preamp and cabling. That doesn't leave much for labor.
  6. rvvaquero

    DTV calling it quits (more or less)

    Come on people now, smile on your brother.
  7. rvvaquero

    1000.2 or 1000.4

    Because 1000.1 and 1000.3 were already taken?
  8. rvvaquero

    Dish Network Receiver Changes Channels

    Yeah, you got one of those dyslexic receivers. TCM, CMT, TMC, CTM, MCT, MTC, etc. It just gets those letters all mixed up.
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    Dish Indoor OTA antenna un-requested.

    You got your money's worth.
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    Newby looking for education

    He is in an RV with a dome dish. He is going to replace the dome dish with one for DISH Network. A dome dish can only look at one satellite at a time. He would have to get the Traveler dish to be able to watch two different satellite stations at the same time. The Traveler is not a dome...
  11. rvvaquero

    Locals from two nearby cities- Central Texas

    I highly recommend that you watch some of these videos. They are very informative. He even suggests products which he has used with success. He has a video answering your specific question about joining the signals from two antennas. The Antenna Man
  12. rvvaquero

    OTA adaptor

    Most everyone here uses the Air TV dual tuner found on this page for $29.99 Products | AirTV
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    Charlie thinks DISH and DIRECTV should merge.

    I was lucky in that respect. I found out that I was expendable at age 19 as a draftee into Uncle Sugar's rifle team. I know some people in their 70's who still think they're special, poor things.
  14. rvvaquero

    My Dish Experience

    No, I think anyone who looks at those pics will think they're pretty sh!tty. Fine tuning a TV to one's taste is one thing, having a viewable picture out of the box is another and should be expected. Like already said, either the OP is a troll or he got a bad receiver/installation.
  15. rvvaquero

    My Dish Experience

    I would send an email to the DISH executive offices attaching some of these pics. Let them contact the technicians who came out. I'd guess at the very least you'd get your money back. Now, if it's just one station, as suggested above, that's a different matter.
  16. rvvaquero

    Cancelled Dish

    Are you sure? When I activated a Wally in place of my 211K, the csr told me to recycle it. I asked if it could be activated again on my account or someone else's, she said emphatically "no".
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    Dish /T-Mobile

  18. rvvaquero

    Dish /T-Mobile

    I like Ergenomics.
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    Has DISH Lost it ways?

    If you have to have cable, why are you getting DISH also?