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    MRV and DECA are now Live Nationwide

    Well they figured something out in my case today and finally activated MRV for me. HD23 and R22. You can see a total of five attempts on my recent activity on their website and the final time it stuck. Went with the email request and received notice three hours later that they had activated...
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    MRV and DECA are now Live Nationwide

    Much appreciated! And yes I should have said I could also replace the R22 with a non-DVR HD receiver and been eligible. I didn't want to do that either because I like having a second, although smaller capacity, DVR. As you can probably tell I was only trying to use existing network and not...
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    MRV and DECA are now Live Nationwide

    I've had three different CSRs try but fail to activate MRV for me due to my setup not being eligible. I have an HR23 and an R22 with HD. They each said I would have to upgrade the R22 to an HD receiver to be eligible (for $199 of course.) I participated in the Beta for months and everything...
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    Greenville, SC DMA HD Locals - Don't hold your breath

    The only problem with this solution is that the Charlotte locals are on 118, and those of us in the GSP market don't have a dish that will pick that up. Closest market that is national I believe is Atlanta with HD locals. Guess we could all "move" there.:cool:
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    ViP622 L4.01 Update on Thursday (Again)

    I got L4.01 last night! Didn't think I would get it until tomorrow but checked this morning and sure enough there it was. Just getting ready to check things out now. I did notice the HD channels are remapped. Also my DVR recordings are still there, and they now have an HD logo next to the...
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    GREENVILLE, SC locals

    If you receive the OTA locals via antenna, they have always shown 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc. for all the stations that you picked up. However, before the only thing that showed in the guide was "Digital Programming" for any of the sub-channels other than the "x.1" main channel. Now, after the latest...
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    GREENVILLE, SC locals

    These channels were supposed to go live in 2006 (actually they still are!) but in the meantime, we did just get guide info for the OTA sub-channels, so maybe that's a step in the right direction.
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    "Pulsating" HD?

    I would like to hear more about this issue as well. I have noticed this pulsating picture on some of my OTA channels coming out of the 622. I originally thought it could be my TV (Toshiba DLP) but then realized that it didn't happen on every channel. I recently started using HDMI from the 622...
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    DIRECTV to Deliver Local HD Programming in 67 Markets by Year End

    I'm just wondering what content you think is being shown as upconverts on the Voom channels? The only things from pre-2002 are the films that they show, and trust me, these films were not shot with video cameras (HD or SD.) They were shot on film, which contains more than enough picture...
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    DIRECTV to Deliver Local HD Programming in 67 Markets by Year End

    There is no such thing as "filmed in HD." HD is video, whereas almost all Hollywood movies are shot on 35mm film, which has a much higher "resolution" than even HD video. So even a movie from the 1960s or before can be "mastered in HD" from the original film print, which depending on the...
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    942 Software Update to Spool Today

    Exactly, I'm hoping it's soon because the jittery-ness on mine seems to be getting worse. I've had to reboot three times in the last few days.
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    Dish 622 - $99 Upgrade Details

    Does Scott or anyone else know if we'll be able to do this upgrade through local retailers? Or will we be forced to call Dish directly? I am asking because my local dealer has been great, their installer is my next-door neighbor, and I want to continue to support our local small businesses. I...
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    Report channels missing from the Super-DMA

    Super DMA for Greenville, SC was rolled out several days ago, but I still have a problem. WSOC (ABC dt34) from Charlotte shows up in my guide, I can tune in and watch it, but I still get no program info. I do get program info for all of the other Charlotte networks, but not 9-1.
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    Report channels missing from the Super-DMA

    Thanks, Ilya! That clarifies how the whole Super DMA works. I had it backwards.
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    Report channels missing from the Super-DMA

    I reside in the Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville DMA (my ZIP is 28167) but can tune in the following Charlotte stations 22 36-1 WCNC (NBC) 23 3-1 WBTV (CBS) 27 18-1 WCCB (FOX) 34 9-1 WSOC (ABC) 39 55-1 WWWB (WB) 47 46-1...
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    Need the Following information From Voom Subs

    Samsung 30" direct-view, 1080i, via component (box set to 1080i)
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    Breaking News: Flash From Voom Website: VOOM ceasing Operation by end of March

    I'm not cancelling service, but if a hacker did access the page then (as a poster noted earlier) then I don't want them accessing my account info! Let me know if this is silly or impossible then I won't.
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    Breaking News: Flash From Voom Website: VOOM ceasing Operation by end of March

    can anyone post the voom phone number? i'm not at home and i want to call and take my credit card number off asap!
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    Super-DMA is being released!

    I am in the Greenville/Spartanburg SC market and can tune in to all of the Charlotte NC stations better than my own. Please give me the guide data for them!
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    CONFIRMED: New version 6.10 has arrived! (Please post your observations here)

    so far, so good.... After the longest two weeks of my life, I finally got the download last night! :) I had to reboot the box, and then wait about fifteen minutes for the diagnostic download to happen. Finally i was able to scan for the local channels, and I got 21 new ones from Charlotte...