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  1. solarvic

    Hadley, PA Antenna Question

    My location is about 1 mile north of hadley which is a lot higher elevation than village of Hadley which is in a valley along the little shenango river. At present my antenna rotator is broken and antenna not pointed to pittsburg. It is a large channel master antenna and I could get alot...
  2. solarvic

    Hadley, PA Antenna Question

    Mike, I think my antenna is a channel master cm-5020 that I got while they were made in usa. The vhf is 54-216 MHz and uhf 470-700 mhz. 100 mile vhf, 60 mile uhf. rotor is broke and I will have to wait till I put a new rotor on the antenna. I could get vhf before but not as low as channel...
  3. solarvic

    Hadley, PA Antenna Question

    I understand that you need uhf antenna. I suppose I should start my own post. I do have a very large channel master antenna. My rotor is broke and I will lay the tower down after winter is over and then I will know if I can get the vhf low channel 4 I want to receive. I plan to have multiple...
  4. solarvic

    Hadley, PA Antenna Question

    Primestar 31 Is there any antenna that get vhf low? I looked at the ones you posted for vhf high. I want to get wqed channel 13 pbs in Pittsburgh pa. which is broadcast on vhf 4 now.
  5. solarvic

    Recommendations for Smaller Deep Fringe Antennas

    You really got a good buy on that antop antenns. The lowest price I could find was on the home shopping channel and Qvc. I know 3 friends that have them and the work excellent from my location. If I remember correctly the price was about $127.00
  6. solarvic

    Balun Info?

    Wkbn Youngstown ohio put up a new transmitter last year and the lower tier channels were broadcast at low power for a few months before they uped the power and give the channels new channel numbers. I agree with the pa guy. I am a western pa guy too.
  7. solarvic

    Any news on ATSC 3.0 receiver from CES in LV, NV?

    Yes I know that the sony tv isn,t released yet but is supposed to be released some time in May according to the website that I posted. I got the tv fever urge to get a new tv as the one I have now started having volume up and down problems around Christmas time. I never did find why it had...
  8. solarvic

    Any news on ATSC 3.0 receiver from CES in LV, NV?

    LG Has 3 series of tv models that have ATSC 3.0 tuners that are out of my budget. Models GX series, WX series and ZX series. Sony has models X 900H that I could afford. The email address that I found the info about the sony tv is I think I might think about buying a 75...
  9. solarvic

    Connecting digital/analog existing antenna to direct tv cable

    I would recommend putting a new 75 ohm transformer on your antenna. They are low cost.. The picture looks like its not even connected to the antenna. The end that connects to the antenna has a pig tale that connects to the antenna and you connect the coax wire to the coax end. It depends how far...
  10. solarvic

    Why won't my antenna rotate?

    The new ones are junk.I got tired of the rotors going bad every couple of years so bought one that ham guys use.
  11. solarvic

    Outdoor UHF antenna issues

    I have 28 solar panels and 2 solar inverters. I am not having any problems from the solar. The inverters are beside the tower for the inverters and I also have fta satalite didhes real close by the tv antenna.
  12. solarvic

    Thoughts on Tablo

    I do not know how far apart Huntsville and Nashville are apart from each other. The reason I have 2 tablos. I for the channels north of me and 1 for the channels south of me. My roko stick won,t let me change the zip code but the fire stick will let you change the zip code. If you receive the...
  13. solarvic

    Thoughts on Tablo

    I have a Panasonic smart tv that has a remote that is worn out. I couldn,t find a genuine remote so bought one from either amazon that was supposed to work. It didn,t work as well as the after market sanyo remote I have to use so I sent it back. I keep the original Panasonic remote to do a...
  14. solarvic

    Thoughts on Tablo

    I have 2 tablo players. guide was free till early march this year. Anyone that had a tablo player before that date is grandfathered for life. After that date they started charging a guide fee, I think $5.00 per month. Not sure but think you only pay one monthly charge for all receivers. You...
  15. solarvic

    Question for Anyone owning the new Tablo Quad

    I have 2 tablo players. 1 is the quad and I installed an internal drive in it. It doesn,t run hot. You need wifi to get the 14 day programing guide which works well. The commercial skip isn,t perfect but there has been a few updates to improve it. You don,t need to run coax to each tv as you use...