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  1. Broe67

    Recording Question

    We have seen the queue get screwed up before from changes like this. Especially on U-Verse. Plus you end up finding programs in there that are no longer being broadcast.
  2. Broe67

    AM21 support has ended.

    I only lost one local station. I rarely tune in on the locals on the AM21, unless we have bad weather, or I find a good show on one of the sub-channels.
  3. Broe67

    Recording Question

    I would re do the series, because you never know if they will move to the proper channel when they switch. Because it is up to the company that creates the guide, to make sure the correct data is there.
  4. Broe67

    All Series Links Deleted

    Mine went through four reboots with that upgrade.
  5. Broe67

    Does DirecTV have an answer to Hopper3/HopperGo?

    The only industry right now that uses 8k is the Medical for MRI's and CT's. There is no real 8k programming or even equipment that can handle it. If and when 8k comes along. That means more transponders are taken away for that type of feed.
  6. Broe67

    Does DirecTV have an answer to Hopper3/HopperGo?

    Pace has to develop the equipment and software for anything new.
  7. Broe67

    DirecTV wouldn't take my cancellation for an order

    I never got the conversation. If I recall, it gives you a choice if you want a copy or not. I hardly ever call Diret or ATT. Now Comcast on the other hand. I hated dealing with their CSR's and add to that Bank of America. I think I made one CC rep quit after I got done reaming them for not...
  8. Broe67

    DirecTV wouldn't take my cancellation for an order

    Will94 ATT did not buy out Cingular. Cingular was always owned by ATT's two baby bells SBC communications and BellSouth. They gobbled up Cellular 1 in Illinois and other providers that had always had some connection to Ma Bell. I should know, because I was one of the original Central IL...
  9. Broe67

    DirecTV wouldn't take my cancellation for an order

    Never had one sent to me yet, out of the 16 years thatI have dealt with ATT. A lot of times when they do send you something by email. Your email provider either rejects it as being on a blacklisted server or sends it to spam.
  10. Broe67

    DTV online account says I am connected to internet

    It is a joke peds. It is called Sarcasm, which you have a hard time grasping.
  11. Broe67

    DTV online account says I am connected to internet

    As long as there is no MoCa or Cinema Connection Kit hooked up and your account info matches the receivers, it is just the Ghost in the machine.
  12. Broe67

    Another year coming, 2016...

    Time Warner and Comcast have huge contracts for their channels. The Time Warner one is probably the biggest one for all providers, because of all of the channels they own. Pac12 has been in negotiations for almost two years now. A lot of that depended on ATT buying DirecTV.
  13. Broe67

    DirecTV wouldn't take my cancellation for an order

    It was most likely an employee who wanted to keep their Churn levels low and retentions high. ATT uses third party call centers for handling their calls. Only technical issues and dispatch is only directly handled by ATT. With them not wanting to cancel your account, sounds like that call...
  14. Broe67

    AT&T Digital Life app for DirecTV receiver?

    Most likely for controlling the thermostat and viewing the cameras.
  15. Broe67

    AM 21 not finding channels at all.

    I actually had to take the preamp off of my antenna, because I started to have issues with channels not getting picked up. I lost the local PBS and its subchannels, which was no big loss to me. Of course when the HR-44/700 gets a new update. I have to go through and do the channel scan again.
  16. Broe67

    DIRECTV Streaming Rumor Alert

    So mainly where ATT has GigaPower up and running.
  17. Broe67

    I notice in the dbstalk website you can't talk about "moving" but you can here.

    cj9788 it is the same way over at the DirecTV forums. I was not even a customer with DirecTV for 7 days, before a certain user over at Dbstalk, who username begins with "P", got upset about a new guy on the block coming into the forums and giving a no BS answer to others. The same thing...
  18. Broe67

    Cabling Question

    Go back and re-read what I posted on #13. All the OP needs to do is run the line from the dish into the garage and place a 2-way splitter and the SWiM. From the 2-way, they connect the line that goes to the house, that was previously attached at the LNB. RG-6 they can get away with 200' from...
  19. Broe67

    Cabling Question

    The only other option in this kind of situation. Allows you to use your current network to allow the network to be extended out to the garage, along with extra ports. There are others like this out there that just use a stand alone Ethernet, which you can actually use MoCA between the units...
  20. Broe67

    I'm looking to get Direct TV in Canada?

    Move back across the river.