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    DirecTV 4s

    Definitely trash it if there is any anomaly or the gas tank is getting low. Too much crap up there that were never deorbited or could not be still in LEO. Heck even Canada's first satellite launched in the late 60's is still circling earth.
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    Finally ordered 4K thru Directv

    Glad you brought up the reverse LNB I completely forgot about that. Ordering from DirecTV is the route I am going to go Those 54's are not cheap so your right let them pay. I have been a customer since 1996 so they should set me up at no cost..
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    Finally ordered 4K thru Directv

    Hey guys. I have been looking at site for a while so it was time to register. This website is just awesome with all the information it contains. If this question has been asked before I feel like an idiot for not searching for it. I just wanted to confirm that can your account have other...