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  1. SkySurfer80

    OTHER Satellite finder

    I love my Satlink 6916 I got it new for $25. You can get them online usually for $100 to $130. They are very nice, quick, you can scan in and watch the actual channels on them, and best of all they show db and BER readouts on them.
  2. SkySurfer80

    GEOSATpro HDVR3500 - freezes on boot

    Not enough time for me. I tried several times and it would only go to the third option and freeze. Mine just did this again. Hopefully I can figure out what is causing it to prevent it. I have never seen this issue before on another reciever and used to have the microhd which worked...
  3. SkySurfer80

    GEOSATpro HDVR3500 - freezes on boot

    I figured out the way to correct this manually without having to connect to a cpu. Power off the machine from the back. Power back on and start hitting the dvr button on the remote repeatedly until it boots up and put you in the dvr section. Once in the dvr section you can hit menu...
  4. SkySurfer80

    GEOSATpro Geosat pro hdvr3500

    The hdmi port in the receiver is likely out. If you know about boards you can open up the receiver and take a look at the hdmi port area.
  5. SkySurfer80

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. I am new to the site and love the satellite hobby. I have been in the hobby for several years and am getting back into things. I just bought a house in Tennessee and am looking for anyone nearby who may have some equipment I can buy to get back into things. I look...