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  1. solarvic

    Norsat C band Feed?

    I have one of those norsat lnbf. The info sheet that come with it said you could use 14-18 volt to switch polarity or a pulse switch. If you try it let us know how it works.
  2. solarvic

    Searching for used C-Bands.

    Dis regard my posting about using styrofoam patterns for a stage play. It is too flamable to use for any inside purpose. My neighbor had some ofit in his house for insulation and it burned his house down in a hurry when he got his wood stove too hot.
  3. solarvic

    8ft SAMI Re-homed! Pulling in FTA on 43w-133w

    I guess you can get away with only 4.5 inch of concrete in Arkansas! Must not get frost in your area. In Northwest pa the ground can freeze down to 2 feet. I would be afraid of the frost heaving here in Pa. You did good. Your Sami dish looks in nice shape.