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  1. Skyhi

    Extend Range of Wireless Joey

    I want to move a TV into my porch, but the signal from the WAP is too weak for my wireless Joey. Are there any extenders that will work for my situation? I really don't want to run an ethernet cable and I don't want to run coax out to the porch. I noticed that the WAP has a switch to put it in...
  2. Skyhi

    2011 Fantasy Baseball

    It's that time of year again! I setup our usual league on ESPN. PM me with your email address for an invite. We need to determine a time for our draft. What days/times DO NOT work for everyone? March 26 is a no go for me.
  3. Skyhi

    Dish on Demand Questions/Problems

    I'm trying to figure out if anybody else is experiencing these issues or if they are isolated to my box.... 1. When I go to TV Shows----->Browse By Network, the network list is blank about 50% of the rhyme or reason. 2. When I download a show to watch, it takes forever....HD can...
  4. Skyhi

    Of ALL the nights for a station to have equipment issues!

    'Lost' disrupted due to equipment issue For NE Ohio, the entire finale was interrupted by pixelation and complete video and audio dropouts. :( :(The picture and sound went out last night at some pretty key moments of the show. First the Cavs and now this?!?!?! The island must be trying to tell...
  5. Skyhi

    So. What's the deal with the Alt. Timeline?

    I hope they're going somewhere with it. I'd be disappointed if they're wasting all this time showing us what would have been....... I have faith that TPTB know what they're doing, but I just don;t see where this is going.
  6. Skyhi

    Newb Question

    I have a prepaid cell phone with service from T-Mobile. If I get a new phone from T-mobile, can I retain my existing phone number and minutes? Is it as simple as switching the Sim card?
  7. Skyhi

    Do you shovel your sidewalk?

    I live in a typical suburban neighborhood with lots of houses. When it snows, I make sure to clear my sidewalk. 75% of my neighbors do not, so I've noticed lots of people walking their dogs in the street.
  8. Skyhi

    2010 Winter Olympics

    We're getting close so I figured I'd start a thread. I love the Olympics, so I'm pretty pumped. Real Sports on HBO last night did a story on Curling and featured the US Olympic curling team - - - VERY funny. :) Check it out on a repeat. It actually made me want to watch them play a match or two.
  9. Skyhi

    Peyton Manning Storms off field after loss

    Manning, Wayne skipped post-game handshakes | Funny how this isn't receiving NEARLY the same attention as it did when LeBron James did it. Hmmmmm.......
  10. Skyhi

    NHL Blackout Question

    I know there are a few sports broadcasting geeks who read here, so hopefully somebody can help me out...... Last nights Penguins/Capitals game on NHL network was blacked out for me in Cleveland. I believe I'm in the Blue Jackets territory, so I can't figure out why...Could I also be in...
  11. Skyhi

    Any juicers here?

    I bought a juicer and am looking for some good recipes. Ideally, I'm looking to make fresh squeezed vegetable juice more palatable. :) Will mixing in a piece of fruit mask the taste at all?
  12. Skyhi

    Very weird 722k problem. Am I the first?

    I hope I'm not the first to experience this......I need some help. My 722k is acting very strange. I'm having two problems: 1. WHEN the TV1 remote responds (and its a 50/50 thing) it is extremely slow. I'm using a 20.0 IR remote for TV1. I figured it was the batteries so I installed new...
  13. Skyhi

    EHD Question

    Can an EHD be moved multiple times between receivers in the same house? I know in the past you weren't able to do this....has this been changed? Thanks!
  14. Skyhi

    Modern Family

    Is anybody else watching this show? In my opinion, its the funniest show a network has put out in years.
  15. Skyhi

    Jeff Reed in trouble again!

    Steelers kicker Reed cited for public intoxication - Yahoo! News What's up with this kicker?!?! He's acting like a position player! :)
  16. Skyhi

    Brady Quinn named Starter for Browns

    Brady Quinn wins Cleveland Browns quarterback competition - I hate the decision, but I'll be cheering like hell for BQ and the Browns. I just think they're making a mistake by giving up on DA so quickly....the guy was a Pro-Bowler his first year as a starter in the league.
  17. Skyhi

    I need a little help

    I used to get 20 posts per page when I viewed a I'm getting 10. I have no idea what I did, but could someone tell me what to do to get my settings back to 20? TYIA!
  18. Skyhi

    Does Dish give away 20.0 IR remotes

    ..if you ask really nice? I tried once when they first came out to no avail. I just got one with my new 722k and I absolutely love it....I'd like to get another for my other TV. Has anyone had any luck getting one for freE?
  19. Skyhi

    722k and Groups

    I just got a 722k yesterday and I've been setting up my groups. On my 722, I can create a group, record shows into the group and then sort the shows by title within the group (so there are subgroups). Is this not possible with the 722k?
  20. Skyhi

    Postcard from Dish Retention

    I got a postcard from E* offering a free HD-DVR upgrade, $10 off a month for 12 months, free HBO and Showtime for 3 months, & free Platinum HD for three months (even though it's becoming "free" anyways). In exchange, I have to do another 24 month contract. I really have no intention of...