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  1. vixens

    unactivated receiver as signal meter

    I am planing to purchase a old/used Directv HD receiver. The sole purpose will be to use it as a signal meter but for nothing else. I am spending a lot of time on the field to fine tune and my subscription receiver is often in danger of tropical rain damage. Ka signal meters are much more...
  2. vixens

    Flex Port 1 and 2 on SWM8 and Slimline8

    Has anyone actually tried these 2 Flexports ? It says they are for 72.5W and 95W. Could you also use the Flexport for 119W by using a separate round dish ? Thanks !
  3. vixens

    seeking Amplifier advise

    I have a rather complicated set-up. Due to my location I had to work with 3 different and large sat dishes and 4 separate LNBs for 99/101/103/119. see my set-up summery at: I am using a Slimline5 multi-switch and a PVDP-2PP...
  4. vixens

    Reception problem IS-21, DW-TV

    I have been watching DW-TV German via C Band, Intelsat 21, for over 3 years here in Belize with good reception on a 1.8 dish. The last few days the signal dropped, consistently up to a point where I could not watch any more. I have tried all options: re-alignment/fine tuning, different Lnb...
  5. vixens

    my PM not working

    to the administrator: The last few days I have tried numerous times to send a Private Message, the last one to the administrator. My PM system does not work any more. Kindly assist. Thanks, Wolfgang
  6. vixens

    Gol TV

    What about Gol TV ? It seems to be only on Directv 119W. Any other chance for reception ? thanks
  7. vixens

    Intelsat 21 @ 58W Al Jazeera

    Anybody know what happened to the Al Jazeera broadcast on 58W ? Can't get it any more. Has it moved ? Thanks !
  8. vixens

    Transponder search

    Where can I find a listing indicating which transponders relate to which channels. Lyngsat does not provide transponders with it's listing for 101W: e.g. Channel 206 ESPN SD is on what transponder on 101W? Thanks !
  9. vixens

    Shaw set-up South of the border

    location: Belize equipment: 1.8m off-set dish PVR 630 Dual receiver 2 Avenger Twin LNBs KSC322 switch: Ecoda EC-2111 0/22KHz 2x1 I have found Anik F2 111W with the LNB in the center of the dish and I can view e.g. TSN HD with a very strong signal 95+. So far I have not found Anik F1. I had...
  10. vixens

    I'll need a new phone

    My phone broke and I will purchase a phone usable for DishPointer software. I know the phone will need a compass and GPS. What else is required. Where to find . . . please let me know. Thanks.
  11. vixens

    Satellite Meter for Directv Ku/ka (which is a good brand?)

    First: I made a typo in the headline . . . I meant Directv Ka/Ku (not Dish) but can't change it. I am planing to purchase a quality satellite meter; possibly with spectrum meter included. With my location and the large dishes I would hope this would very much assist to quickly find the signal...
  12. vixens

    first time set-up

    I understand that Directv is currently broadcasting on 5 satellites: 99.2W, 101W, 103W, 110W and 119W Lyngsat shows me that the first 3 have the major programing. Correct ?
  13. vixens

    when does the skew apply ?

    I know the screw applies for C Band. I know the screw does not matter for Ku circular, e.g. Dish and DTV * Does the scew apply for FTA Ku linear, also for Shaw Direct? Thanks
  14. vixens

    AMC1 and AMC15/18 set up

    I am trying a new set up for AMC1 103W and AMC15/18 105W. My Q: * which transponders should I use for my signal search ? Thanks
  15. vixens

    Shaw Direct set up

    What LNB and switch will be required for Shaw Direct. thanks !
  16. vixens

    my first C-Band set up, need tips (Intelsat 9)

    I have a the following hardware I would like to set up for Intelsat 9 @55 Degrees (location Belize, Central America): * Sadoun 6 foot prime focus, solid * A BCS 621 KU/C-Band Lnb * A Lexium DBS7000 C/Ku Sat receiver I have never done a C band...
  17. vixens

    Starchoice/Shaw LNB for Bell receiver

    A friend of mine has an old Starchoice/Shaw oval dish with a LNB (Star 75ASC) 11.7 - 12.2Ghz. Can that dish and LNB be used for an Bell receiver to receive Bell Satellite TV ? thanks.