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  1. timbuckone

    Idea: DVR Early Sign-Up

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  2. timbuckone

    Voom installed yesterday---Fell in love with it today!!!

    I had Voom installed yesterday and started watching it closer today. I have to say the picture quality that is coming out of my 57" toshiba is utterly amazing. It makes Dish networks hdtv look like prehistoric ages. I hope Voom stays around or I think I will go into a slight depression.
  3. timbuckone

    I think Voom is in a great position to grow fast

    Heres a thought I just had. I currently receive dish network and purchased a hdtv set. I then upgraded to the hdtv package and now can't stand what little channels dish is offering in hdtv. So now Voom looks very attractive to me. I am scheduled to get installed on 3-25. Voom has to do a more...