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  1. NotTy

    OpenBox Died. Now what do I do?

    The HDMI output has been dead for about a year and a half and now the composite output is dead. No picture or sound but the panel does light up. Also checked to make sure it was on 720p. Checked all the wires and cables. It's dead like a zombie. Now I'm wondering if getting a new FTA Box is...
  2. NotTy

    Some chanels work, some don't on 922

    Hello everyone. Just got home from work and my wife says some channels work and others don't. For instance, 258 and 259 work but 260 doesn't. It says "Please wait a moment...We are processing your request". I had her go to W1 and flip through channels 1-6, pausing each time, and I can...
  3. NotTy

    OpenBox S-9 Problem/Failure. Looking for a New Receiver.

    A few months ago, I discovered I had to leave my OpenBox on all the time because when I shut it off at night, the HDMI output to the TV would quit working but the composite (RCA jacks) still worked I discovered by unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging back in fixed the HDMI problem. Since...
  4. NotTy

    H2H looks terrible.

    I turned on H2H tonight and some of the channels look terrible. I peaked the dish and have 80 to 90 % but it looks smeary and blurry, even after I take my reading glasses off. 294, 260, 258 are good but 233 and216 and a few others look prety bad. FTA on my OpenBox comes in crisp and clear so I...
  5. NotTy

    Trojan Horse Alert.

    Hate to say it and maybe I'm wrong but my Avast antivirus just detected a web form Trojan Horse for the third time in the last couple days from this web sight. What does it mean? Has anyone else been having issues like this?
  6. NotTy

    Openbox S9 has no HDMI output

    I turned on my Openbox S9 tonight and the TV screen said "No Signal". I checked all the connections, turned it off and back on, and even unplugged it for a couple minutes. I finally ran an RCA cable from the composite out and was able to get a picture and sound. (whew, green tinge). So I...
  7. NotTy

    webSAMS messed up again so I say goodbye to H2H

    Subscription has been shut off again & my webSAMS lets me in but won't accept my information. It's really frustrating to try to get something done when the computers won't let you. I guess I should have set an alarm or marked it on the calendar like I used to back in the last century & send a...
  8. NotTy

    Adult Services now available from SRL

    New Channels on H2H? 4 new PPV channels on H2H. Mmmm? Sorry, not good enough for me to stay with H2H.
  9. NotTy

    H2H Subscription Soon to be Cancelled.

    After a long & friendly discussion with my wife, we decided & agreed to end our subscription to H2H in the near future. It's time to move on to better things. We just haven't decided what is really better. As my monthly subscription nears it's end, I thought I would try alacarte since we...
  10. NotTy

    Can't get CW.

    My OpenBox apparently can't pick up The CW channels. One web sight says you need to manually tune the pid but I can't see any way to do that. Are there any alternatives? I hope this is the right area to post this question in.
  11. NotTy

    Homemade Antenna?

    I've been reading a lot about this coat hanger antenna said to be better than most store bought antennas. I have a huge antenna I bought a couple years ago, one that I was told I would need to receive my local channels & tried finding the best spot possible but 1 channel is all I get reliably. I...
  12. NotTy

    Problems with webSAMS

    As a supporter of H2H, it's getting frustrating not being able to get into my webSAM'S account when the bill is due. I recently added more programming from my webSAMS account about a week ago but the other subscription I had ran out, locking me out of my account. I can't get into it to...
  13. NotTy

    Will Ku band work with a 7.5 foot mesh dish?

    I just picked up a 10 foot mesh dish that had a tree land on it. The C band, Ku band LNBs & the feed horn all look good.look good. My question is if the ku lnb will pick up Ku signals on my 7.5 foot mesh dish. The mesh are diamond shape & will barely let a tooth pick through the mesh.
  14. NotTy

    How do I PVR H2H?

    What do I need to make a PVR or DVR work with H2H? Is there something like a PVR that would work? I know Direct & Dish have them & you pay a monthly fee but what can be used in substitution with H2H?
  15. NotTy

    A Decision Has Been Made. H2H it is

    I want to thank everybody in the Pizza Verses BUD thread. The information there has been a tremendous help & gave me a lot of useful information. Being a subscriber to the BUD since 1992 & resisting pizza for the last 15 years, and after a long struggle between deciding to stay with 1 OTA...
  16. NotTy

    Pizza Verses BUD.

    As someone who pays $0.00 for TV since the Jan 5th, I wonder which system I'll go with in the near future. H2H? Pizza? Cable? OTA?. FTA? H2H Pros--- Excellent SD picture---No rain fade---Cheaper packages---Ala-carte choices--- No contracts---No termination fees. Cons---Limited...
  17. NotTy

    Sun Fade in Effect

    Well, it's that time of the year again. The sun is raining down on us hard here. 80 degrees & the TV has been off for 62 hours & counting.
  18. NotTy

    So if I lived in Brazil:

    If I lived in Brazil, right under the equator, and my satellite dish was on, say, B3 ( 75W ) would my 7.5 foot dish be pointing basically straight up?
  19. NotTy

    Where's T6?

    When I search FTA, I get the same results on both GB (91W) & T6 (93W). I am getting GB (91W) & G3 (95W), both with good signal but nothing in between. There's roughly 80 clicks from GB to G3 & I placed the dish in between, checked both H & V & quality stays at 1. I also reversed skew & still...
  20. NotTy

    Another OpenBox scanning question.

    After weeks of goofing around with this box, I have not been able to get 2 channels I really want. According to Lyngsat,KEPR & KIMA are FTA. (Galaxy 3 (95`W) 4167V). There are actually 4 with the same transponder. KUNP is the only one of the 4 I can get. One of the others looks like a feed from...