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  1. timbuckone

    spectrum(charter) new guide is here! very happy! Sent from my Pixel using the SatelliteGuys app!
  2. timbuckone

    Charter spectrum on roku

    I am however missing the local there are limitations
  3. timbuckone

    Charter spectrum on roku

    Looks like it identifies your home network and I am assuming it won't work outside of it.
  4. timbuckone

    Charter Launches Spectrum TV App on Roku

    in my area the roku app does not have the local networks
  5. timbuckone

    Charter spectrum on roku

    Bravo charter!!!!!! Very pleased you can now watch charter spectrum on and roku device. Good bye cable box fees!!
  6. timbuckone

    tried charters boxes

    tivo roamio and mini are up and running. Thanks to tivo my cable tv experience is now AWESOME!
  7. timbuckone

    tried charters boxes

    So i have had charter now for about 3 weeks after coming back from being a chord cutter. I have had a history of having direct tv, dish network, and tivo ota. These charter boxes are such old technology. They dont interact, I have problems scheduling recordings, The gude is very hard to read...
  8. timbuckone

    Changes coming to Weather Channel in November

    bring back the eye candy!
  9. timbuckone

    Something new?

    Is charter coming out with something new before the end of the year? I just had my install done and the tech was talking about a cloud dvr service that's coming real soon