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  1. nrholland

    France 24 English Picture

    Anyone notice when watching the English feed of France 24 that the graphics and logo on the side of the picture is chopped off. You can't entirely read all the captions on the channel when you have it on, especially on an HD tv (I know it is an SD feed). Even the France 24 logo in the lower...
  2. nrholland


    I know if you don't live in the Florida suncoast area that this doesn't affect you. I was told by someone who works at WWSB, ABC 7 in Sarasota that the channel will be on Dish by the end of this month (March) in SD. It will be on 61.5 and at 110. The source said that the channel will be in HD...
  3. nrholland

    NHL Center Ice HD

    Could someone with Dish tell us what Dishs' plans are to have more NHL games in HD. This year I notice the only ones in HD are the ones that are carried by the RSNs that Dish carries, plus the ones on the NHL Network as well as NBC & NBC Sports Network. I've noticed that Directv carries the...
  4. nrholland


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Cox Sports Network (Ch. 421) on a conus beam? If so, why do they not add it to the Multi-Sports Pack? I don't understand. Can someone explain why and is there any hope that one day it will be added to the sports pack? :confused:
  5. nrholland

    Multi Sports Pack Rate Increase

    One of the online CSRs told me this morning that the Multi Sports Pack is going up to $9.00 per month later this month. :mad:
  6. nrholland

    Weather Channel Weather Scan

    I notice that certain areas of the country have Weather Channel's Weatherscan on their Dish Service, such as Oklahoma City. Does Dish intend to put this on spot beams for all markets in the country? It'd be nice, especially for those who can't pick up subchannels on their receivers.
  7. nrholland

    No More 922

    I guess we now know why they were offering upgrades on the 922. It is not available off of Dish's website. Will it be available again in the future or will it be gone forever?
  8. nrholland


    Looking at Directv's website I was amazed at how many games they are now showing in HD in the NHL Center Ice package. Dish only has the games that are on the RSNs that they carry (and not even all of them). Directv has way more, including games not on the RSNs as well as Canadian feeds...
  9. nrholland


    Yesterday morning I woke up around 2:30 a.m. and I turned on my tv. I went to Dish Interactive and I noticed something new. They had a new design for the selection categories. And when you opened them up you saw logos, such as The Weather Channel, CNN, ESPN, etc. It also had a thing...
  10. nrholland


    I tried putting Euronews back on ala carte and see that you cannot pick it ala carte anymore unless you have an International core package. So has Dish decided to go back to making us spend more $ in order to get Euronews? Why can't they leave things alone? :rant:
  11. nrholland


    Is anyone having problems with the B.B. On Demand feature on their 722s? I'll download a movie or several movies and then the next day I look it up and they are all gone. It also works real slow as far as scrolling thru the various selections. I think Dish needs to do a software update on...
  12. nrholland


    Ever since they changed over to B.B. Movie Pass on Dish On Demand, I try to program something to download in Dish On Demand and the receiver freezes and then reboots itself. It has happened several times. What's going on? I have a 722.
  13. nrholland

    BB Registration Completion

    Is anyone having the same problem as me? I can't complete my registarion for BB Movie Pass because when it takes me to My Programming and I press Complete Registration it sends me right back to the previous page. What a pain!!!
  14. nrholland


    It would be nice if Dish would drop Versus down to a lower tiered programming package such as AT 200 or Dish America Silver. Any chance of them putting it into a lower tier when Versus becomes NBC Sports Network?
  15. nrholland


    I have two 722s. When I set up a timer to record a certain show on a regular basis, I set up a certain amount of episodes to be recorded before it starts deleting the old ones. I don't want all my hard drive space used up. For example, I record a show and have the maximum amount stored at...
  16. nrholland

    ESPN 3

    I have internet and phone with my local cable company (Brighthouse), but have TV with Dish. When I try to get ESPN 3 with my internet, I log into my account. It won't let me get ESPN 3 because it claims I don't have one of their tv packages. That stinks. Is anyone having the same problem...
  17. nrholland

    Dish Network IPTV

    Any news on if Dish Network is going to be adding for channels to its Dish World IPTV service? Is it going to be all foreign language programming or can we expect any english programming on it?
  18. nrholland


    Any news if Dish hopes to EVER add this channel one day? There was a lot of talk about it a couple of months ago, but now I hear nothing. I've been hearing nothing for years. To be honest, I don't think Dish or Directv will ever add this channel. :mad:
  19. nrholland


    Dish On Demand is a great feature for downloading thousands of movies...if only it worked. Last night I tried downloading a movie and it tells me that I'll be able to watch the movie in 5 minutes. Then instead of going down on the time, it goes up higher. I even had one movie that it said...
  20. nrholland


    Is it possible that one day everything that is available on Sirius will be available on XM & vice versa? For example, it'd be nice if I could get NHL Home Ice ala carte on Sirius. How about Canada 360 being available on Sirius? Does anyone know anything about this? Al Also, some of the...