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  1. solarvic

    Ran out of space in main circuit breaker panel, what to do?

    Do you have a solar system and grid connected? I Had an old trailer with an outside power pole with the meter box and outside 140 amp service box on the pole. Heavy aluminum service cable from that box goes into the service inside 100 amp service inside my double wide home. When I got my...
  2. solarvic

    does anyone remember the Ohio News Network?

    I watched ONN on telstar12 and never watched anything on that primestar dish since it went off air. The dish is still there on my garage roof and since I am getting close to 75 A little afraid of getting on the roof again. The wire is hanging over the edge of the roof and I might see if the...
  3. solarvic

    does anyone remember the Ohio News Network?

    I remember ONN as I live in a county that borders trumbull county in ohio. I also watched PCN from pa. I miss both channels. PCN is still broadcast on cable but you have to be a cable subscriber to get it.
  4. solarvic

    How to tell if FTA product is legit

    When I first got into satellite hobby in 1994 Mike kohl designed satellite dishes and had his own program and participated in lots pf other satellite shows. I think the company he worked for was Paraclipse and they are very good dish. He lived in Wisconsin and tried to make a living selling...