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  1. rvvaquero

    Island Cable Company

    Elon Musk
  2. rvvaquero

    Xenforo Upgrade

    It's screwed up again this morning.
  3. rvvaquero

    Xenforo Upgrade

    I'm using the SatelliteGuys Light - Default and I'm having the same kinds of issues. Not today, but have been since the beginning of time.
  4. rvvaquero

    Xenforo Upgrade

    So, if I'm reading these statistics correctly.............those who use mobile devices are equal to Bots.
  5. rvvaquero

    Xenforo Upgrade

    I don't know what you did, but this is the first time the Forum has worked right for me since you did the upgrade. No exploded avatars, blue screens, or elongated post full of machine language. I'm on Win10 and Firefox 72.0.2
  6. rvvaquero

    Is the Pub being sponsored by Tesla now?

    How did they swing their website for free?
  7. rvvaquero

    Is the Pub being sponsored by Tesla now?

    These all thought so. Tesla | r/teslamotors Tesla Owners Online Tesla Motors Club
  8. rvvaquero

    Last Day for Lifetime Pub Memberships

    I also took advantage of this offer, and thanks much for the opportunity Scott. I figure this membership will allow me to bitch about the website, if I ever come up with anything to bitch about. Great website, glad I was able to contribute in a small part.
  9. rvvaquero

    Today is National Hat Day

    Death will definitely get you there.
  10. rvvaquero

    An Important Note About The Ads

    In case you guys didn't see it, the lifetime memberships are available again.
  11. rvvaquero

    Can’t log out

    Boy, your definition of pita is pretty different from mine.
  12. rvvaquero

    Xenforo Upgrade

    I get that also. I just assumed the software was telling me I had a bloated image of myself. So, I changed my avatar. Actually, a couple of times after that happened I would just get a solid blue screen. Reload and everything is fine. I'm on Win10 using Firefox 70.0.1
  13. rvvaquero

    Xenforo Upgrade

    I've got a question about the "Mark Forums Read". I use this feature on a couple of forums. I've always wondered, does it mark the forums read at the time you click it, or at the time you opened the forums? I mean, if you open SatGuys and read the forums for 20 minutes, then click on "Mark...
  14. rvvaquero

    Xenforo Upgrade

    Looks good, works good.
  15. rvvaquero

    Welcome Back!

    I was having serious withdrawals. I can't believe I went all weekend without even once reading jsheridan's "use a local retailer if you have a good one". Or, Claude bashing DISH.