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  1. Derwin0

    MLB 2020 Baseball season

    Not that I've heard, though it might be different from State to State (city to city).
  2. Derwin0

    Nascar 2020

    With all the races that are being postpones, I don't see how they'll have time to make them all up, so probably best to just say they're canceled.
  3. Derwin0

    NFL 2020

    And signed by the Falcons, so he'll be coming home to Georgia.
  4. Derwin0

    Doctor Who 2020

    Haven't see that episode, but the 50th has something indication where earlier incarnations forget meeting their older selves. Though this isn't consistent as in the 20th anniversary the first 3 remember each other from the 10th anniversary. Doctor Who is consistent in not being consistent...
  5. Derwin0

    Doctor Who 2020

    Not sure about it being destroyed again, as I haven't watched any of the latest season. As for the Master, he's an evil Time Lord the Doctor has been fighting since the 3rd Doctor's (Jon Pertwee) second season. He was a main villain during the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th Doctors, and then brought...
  6. Derwin0

    Automatic Post Merge

    woohoo!!!! :happydance who's says you can't fight the man/scott. :D
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    Doctor Who 2020

    It was "destroyed" in a war between the Time Lords & Daleks. The Time War, as it was called, occured off screen during the time between the show getting canceled after Sylvster McCoy in 1989 and before the Current show starting with Christopher Eccleston in 2005. It was never said how it was...
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    Automatic Post Merge

    That's what I've been doing. Which leads back to the annoying part.
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    SatelliteGuys App going Bye Bye

    Yeah, but I like that it says SatGuys, that way I know right away to use it. :D
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    Automatic Post Merge

    Is there a way to turn off the automatic post merging? It's getting pretty annoying when you're responding to different people's posts in the same thread. Especially when those comments are unrelated. Thanks
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    Stranger Things 2 & 3

  12. Derwin0

    The Latest Sprint News

    bye bye Sprint, the judge has thrown out the lawsuit by several States and given final approval to the buyout by T-Mobile.
  13. Derwin0

    T-Mobile and Sprint could announce their merger in October The judge has thrown out the States' lawsuit and given final approval to the merger.
  14. Derwin0

    Star Trek: Picard

    Watched the first episode on youtube last night. It was okay, I enjoyed it. But not enough to subscribe though.
  15. Derwin0

    Doctor Who 2020

    My guess is that Moffett didn't like the character, and preferred using his own.
  16. Derwin0

    Doctor Who 2020

    Not a spoiler if the episode had already aired. btw, what you did post reminded me of "The Next Doctor". After the last one copying the first part of "Trial of a Time Lord", it's like the writers aren't even trying any more.
  17. Derwin0

    2019-20 NCAA Football Thread

    He wasn't, there's a video clip of him complaining after the South Carolina game. Actually I don't mind Ohio State. They're a good team, and I actually advocated them for the playoffs back when they won it. It's just some of their fans that can't see things objectively (something every team...
  18. Derwin0

    2019-20 NCAA Football Thread

    Fromm had just led the Bulldogs to the National Championship game. There was no reason to replace him with a freshman who had never played. Fields was complaining in just the second game of the season due to not starting and only playing in the second half. If anything, that says a lot more...
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    Houston Astros on hot water over illegally stealing signs

    And that's where good managers shine, whether to pull the pitcher or not. As well as the pitchers taking batting practice.
  20. Derwin0

    Houston Astros on hot water over illegally stealing signs

    Actually I do, because from time to time, we have a pitcher that can actually hit the ball. Plus it allows a good manager to shine late in the game when they have to make decisions about when to pull the pitcher or do a double swap. If you don't want the pitcher to hit, just reduce the batting...