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  1. dhett

    Help with selecting an Antenna

    One caveat is that WHNE-LD, virtual channel 14, is moving from RF channel 20 to RF channel 3, so if you're interested in any of its 12 subchannels, you'll eventually need an antenna capable of receiving low-VHF signals, or make a low-VHF antenna yourself and join it into your antenna feed using...
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    Dabl must have signed a contract with Ventana Television (owners of HSN). In Tucson AZ, Dabl debuted on the NBC affiliate in September, but now the low-power Ventana Television station, formerly airing only HSN, has added Dabl. It's an odd lineup; HSN on 21.1, QVC on 21.2, HSN2 on 21.3, QVC2...
  3. dhett

    Decades is back to Detroit.

    Fox-owned stations in 12 markets are scheduled to add Decades to their lineup. In addition to Detroit, six other new Decades affiliates debuted in Los Angeles CA (KTTV 11.4), Dallas TX (KDFW 4.2), San Francisco CA (KICU 36.4), Houston TX (KTXH 20.3), Atlanta GA (WAGA 5.5) and Phoenix AZ (KUTP...
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    Dabl made its Phoenix debut yesterday, Sept. 21, on KPHO-TV VC 5.3.
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    The network DABL premiered Sept. 9th. That doesn't mean affiliates start airing it then. Each station has its own contractual obligations and will begin airing DABL when conditions warrant. We're still waiting in Phoenix as well, but I don't really expect DABL soon. KPHO-TV was announced as...
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    Lots of errors on the DABL website. DABL will be on channel 4.4 in Tucson, not 14.4, and will be on channel 5.3 in Phoenix, not 4.3, which doesn't exist in the Phoenix market.
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    How far away can you get channels nowdays with an antenna?

    Height of the broadcasting antenna is very important as well. Mt. Bigelow sits about 6000' above Tucson, and I can pick up a few of the low-power TV signals on Mt. Bigelow from Phoenix, about 100 miles away.
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    FCC will start accepting ASTC 3.0 CP on May 28th

    Please. While it would have been better to spell out the meaning of "CP", context leaves little doubt of what the OP meant. (OP means "original poster", for those of you in Rio Linda.) But if I wanted to get technical, I'd counter that the FCC doesn't accept construction permits; it grants...
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    Scripps buys CBS stations in Western Montana

    Actually, all but one - KVOA Tucson. Cordillera had to spin that off to Quincy Media, as Scipps already has a duopoly in Tucson (KGUN/KWBA).
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    Court TV Making a Return

    OK, is 87101 a PO Box ZIP code? When I entered it, it said Court TV was not in the area. When I entered 87102, it showed KLUZ 45.5. I tried their search on ZIP codes in my area and PO Box ZIP codes came up with no affiliate. My apologies - didn't mean to give wrong info.
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    Court TV Making a Return

    Court TV doesn't have an Albuquerque affiliate.
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    Interesting Situation - Need an Analog to Digital converter

    Harshness is absolutely correct here. The content on this analog station better be vitally important and unavailable elsewhere; otherwise, you're wasting your time and money. Most TV stations are already digital and those that are not have until July 12, 2021, to either convert to digital or...
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    I seem to recall seeing a "TV antenna" advertised some years ago that claimed to use your home's wiring as its antenna. It was a scam product.
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    Nielsen sees 'Resurgence' in OTA Households

    I keep hearing this bleating about OTA TV needs to be able to air naughty content to compete. Yet, in the "Golden Age of Television", married couples slept in twin beds and networks practiced great restraint. Loosening standards hasn't led to better programming, and I can't help but to believe...
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    Subchannel Discussion Thread

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    Article: Diginets come of age

    I can tell you that at that distance, mobile will not be likely. I don't know where you've been reading, but I've never seen mobile sold as available from great distances. In fact, it's well-known that signal propagation is one of the areas where 8-VSB modulation outperforms OFDM, and a major...
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    Article: Diginets come of age

    OK - now we're getting somewhere. Thank you for clarifying. You are correct: my examples were portable TVs with telescoping antennas, or even a phone I had that had an extensible antenna built in. Let's address the antenna. The antenna measurements commonly cited are for optimal reception...
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    Article: Diginets come of age

    I fail to see the relevance of your point, and you fail to explain yourself. All you've posted is technical-sounding gibberish. Again, mobile TV worked just fine in the analog days, even for lo-VHF, and I'm not talking about limousine setups either. Yes.
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    Can we keep track of new ATSC 3.0 stations going on the air?

    Or affordable tuners for those of us on middle-class incomes to buy. Airwavz TV has the Redzone ATSC 3.0 dongle but at $895, I'm afraid it's out of my price range.