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  1. spongella

    be honest are you worried about corona

    The anxiety is lessening day by day.
  2. spongella

    FTA Video

    This young fellow, AntennaMan has lots of YouTube videos about OTA TV. Definitely knows his stuff. He took a slightly different path in his latest video on how to receive FTA satellite. I emailed him and invited him to see my setup as he's not that far away. Hope everyone is staying safe...
  3. spongella

    Cheddar News launches OTA

    Thanks for the heads up, hopefully I can get the Philly signal. Maybe cheese commercials too?
  4. spongella

    Good Books

    Reading "The Peter Beemer Manuscript," this is a collection of music from the Warren's Diggings, UT gold mining camp in the 1860's.
  5. spongella

    Help selecting Right FTA Setup

    I noticed that at least in my area, 97W has less channels than several years ago but there are still many to choose from. It wouldn't hurt to check all your cables and connections for wear and tear. Check your LNB and make sure you have the right skew, check to see that the mechanical parts of...
  6. spongella

    good signal strength no signal quality

    In regards to your Ku dish setup, looks like you need to re-point your dish. Don't go by the signal intensity, adjust for the best signal quality.
  7. spongella

    good signal strength no signal quality

    Sorry to hear of you troubles. If the only thing you did was a firmware update I'd suspect the update as the culprit. Check all your parameters such as LO (as per Titanium), satellite longitude, make sure your LNB is turned on in the software. Have you performed a blind scan to see if you...
  8. spongella

    OTA Signal Meter

    Video, the SDR dongle can be used for that purpose. However....I can see from your spectral display span that it's at least 60 MHz wide. Most software for dongles will at best give you a span of a few MHz, too narrow to see even one TV station's 6 meg-wide signal. There are some software...
  9. spongella

    OTA Signal Meter

    video that's an excellent idea. To save even more $ you could use a $25 SDR dongle and laptop to evaluate signal strength. You just need to know the frequency of the TV station of interest. Your spectral display is excellent, you can see the ATSC "spike" and the 6 MHz wide TV signal. The...
  10. spongella

    HF Antenna Analyzers

    Great post Titanium and Michael. Here's a video of another way to "quasi-measure" return loss in an antenna using a noise signal source. Much more complicated though, kind of Rube Goldberg-ish, but fun to try out. By the way those noise generators are sold on Amazon and am awaiting one from...
  11. spongella

    Intelsat extends life

    Very impressive. Hopefully this will have a positive impact on the industry and slow the migration to Internet-based communications. Ah, what do I know...just an idea that's pie-in-the-sky from an old retired guy :).
  12. spongella

    FlightAware Dongle for ADS-B

    Not sure what mode is used for ADSB, must be software-chosen. N5XZS, you won't have to invoke SDR# when using ADSB programs such as RTL1090 or ADSB#.
  13. spongella

    OTHER Avcom PSA-37D Spectrum Analyzer

    Thanks for the comments. Saw an ad for these in an old satellite magazine, original price was $2475. Very tempted to get one as it's a no-frills SA and much cheaper than most.
  14. spongella

    OTHER Avcom PSA-37D Spectrum Analyzer

    Anyone familiar with this vintage SA that came out years ago? It appears to be for satellite installations. I have checked the on-line manuals and specifications for the input impedance but can't find any info, I presume it is 75 Ohms?
  15. spongella

    Wife's New Diet

    All she eats is Limburger cheese and never brushes her teeth....from far away she looks a lot skinnier!
  16. spongella

    A SK of Note, K4HZE

    George Laurer, responsible for developing the bar code has passed away. One of the Greatest Generation members and an amateur radio operator too. Think of how this has changed our lives. Just about every item we buy uses this invention. What a wonderful contribution to society...
  17. spongella

    Avcom Spectrum Analyzers

    Michael, I don't have one yet, am looking. For now I use an SDR dongle which is somewhat useful for looking at the RF spectrum.
  18. spongella

    Avcom Spectrum Analyzers

    Anyone using an Avcom SA? These are older units with no where near the capabilities of today's modern units but might serve as an inexpensive SA for bench testing older radios and for looking at propagation. Thanks.
  19. spongella

    6ft Mesh Dish Performance?

    Is mesh used just to decrease weight and wind loading? Just curious...thanks.
  20. spongella

    Antenna for "Flat Earthers"

    Gonna' get two and hook in series for twice the range.