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  1. squicken

    Have to cancel D*. Couple of questions

    My apartment complex is doing construction which blocks my LOS to the satellites, so I can't get a signal. The problem is that I'm only 9 months into my 1 year contract. Obviously, I need to cancel b/c I can't see the sky. Moving the dish to another location wouldn't work as the new bldg will...
  2. squicken

    Problem with HR10-250

    I'm having a problem with my HD-Tivo, and I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me. I realize there is a DVR forum, but my problem is not related to the DVR functionality of the unit. I have my HD-Tivo connected to my Samsung DLP, and up until today had been using the HDMI-DVI cable to...
  3. squicken

    Snow problems

    First snowstorm is knocking out my signal. Snow is only accululating at base of my eliptical dish, right where my LNBs point. What can I do to stop build-up? 6 times in 3 hours I've had to sweep away snow, and it's a very light snow.
  4. squicken

    Another ST Blackout thread

    I know there seems to be several of these, but I('m having trouble. I live in a DNS, and get the LA feeds of CBS and NBC. Even though I'm in a DNS, I'm eligle for Oklahoma City locals, which I also get. The troble is, if OKC CBS carries a game, I'm blacked out on ST. This is bad b/c of...
  5. squicken

    Installation for HD-Tivo

    First off, I apologize for posting another "new to DirecTV" thread. But I've come across conflicting information on my questions, and was hoping for the final word. I'm doing a 1-room setup, with the only receiver being the HD-Tivo. My current setup for Voom is one coaxial line coming into...
  6. squicken

    ESPN-HD back to 720p

    Wilt, any update about when you guys will have ESPN-HD back to 720p? PS I know there is another thread for this, but I just wanted a stand alone last post on this yahoo forum about this question?
  7. squicken

    The Beatles' First Film: Hard Days Night, 8/7 on Rave-HD 12am EST

    Premeires August 7. Awesome.
  8. squicken

    Tivo Message about 999

    I just read a new message on my Tivo saying 999 is changing from "Voom" to "ABCNEWS". I know there is supposedly some digital substation called abcnews, but not in my town. Anyone else get this message?
  9. squicken

    Voom F***ed up PG Strikes Again

    Terminator is supposed to be on channel 103 right now, but nope. You figure between all the millionaires at Voom this could be corrected.
  10. squicken

    Voom Barker: Raging Bull?

    Is Raging Bull coming to Voom? I saw a clip of it on the barker. When? Did I already miss it? It seemed like it was coming to Epics.
  11. squicken

    Component Cables Supplied by Voom

    Is anyone using the component video cables supplied by Voom? I'm going to try using component instead of DVI, but want to make sure the Voom cables are up to task. Are these good enough, or do I need to fork out some dough for some better ones?
  12. squicken

    POLL -- Gambler's Delight: Voom and the Future

    Will ALL of the following be available or implemented by November 15. 1. Initial implementation of MPEG/WM9 complete. For the purposes of this poll, implementation is considered encoding of material by VOOM and presence of decoder module in all applicable subscribers' STBs. 2. VOOM will...
  13. squicken

    ESPN: 720p or 1080i? Wilt, please answer.

    I've posted this in the Satelliteguys forum, but put it over here to hopefully get a response from Wilt H. I'm aware ESPN produces in 720p, but it was earlier posted that Voom was sending it at 1080i. Is this still going on? I have no way to check this with my TV, but I hope Voom has gone...
  14. squicken

    ESPN: 720p or 1080i?

    I'm posting in the main forum b/c this is a technical question, not a programming one. I'm aware ESPN produces in 720p, but it was earlier posted that Voom was sending it at 1080i. Is this still going on? I have no way to check this with my TV, but I hope Voom has gone back to sending it in...
  15. squicken

    Question about DLPs

    I'm thinking of getting a DLP set. One thing I'm interested in is that the DLP isn't supposed to age like CRTs and CRT-RPTVs. I know the bulb will dim and have to be replaced, but when I stick in the new bulb, is it as good as new? How long will bulb last before PQ will suffer? The problem...
  16. squicken

    Audio and Video drop outs on 701 & 201

    Very bad audio and video drops on PBHOTHD for about the past 2 hours, at least. At least every 15 seconds. Less frequent but still annoying audio drop outs on HBO-E HD. I think this has been an ongoing issue for these 2 channels for a long time. It will be fine for several weeks, then for a...
  17. squicken


    Since many Fox affiliates are upconverting to 720p right now, this counts as HDTV talk. Fox is airing the fabled lost episode of Arrested Developement Sunday at 8:30 EDT. Catch what might well be the last episode ever of the best show on TV from this past year, IMO.
  18. squicken

    Voom informercial

    I am watching an infomercial on PAX right now. The first thing I noticed is they aren't saying 39 HD channels. They're saying "more than 30." It also says with Voom you have "access to PPV channels." Anyone seen this? Is it old and I'm behind the times?
  19. squicken

    Voom Predictions for 6/1/04

    In joining the tradition begun by the Dish forum in preparation for a chat, please post your prediction(s) on what you beleive Voom will announce in June. Sean seems to be acting like he knows something :cool: and isn't saying, so take your best shots. Let's keep the talk that got us all in...
  20. squicken

    Enterprise Fans

    Anybody catch the season finale last night? Pretty good. I just love T'Pol's nice big . . . ears. But Nazis? Reptile Nazis? I've always thought the back-in-time gimmick sci-fi shows do is stupid. Even Data's head in 1880 San Francisco was poor.